Why It Pays to Buy an Older iPhone Model !

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When the iPhone 3GS released, it promised customers a boost in speed, voice-activated commands, an oil-free screen and an improved operating system. As with past iPhone releases, the 3GS was a welcomed addition to some fans, while others put off upgrading until a newer iPhone released. While many considered the 3GS merely an internal upgrade, the device still sold well. It may have lacked the upgraded screen, Siri and faster processor, but the 3GS may serve as the perfect entry-level smart phone.

It’s an iPhone at a Price You Can Afford

If you’ve never owned an iPhone, chances are you are not fully aware of the entry-level costs it requires to have one of these devices. As of 2012, the bare minimum you can expect to pay is about $65, which includes a $39.99 voice plan and a $15 fee for a data plan that all iPhone users must buy. The month-to-month contract may be steep, but really, this plan is cheaper than other iPhone plans that may include higher data, text and voice rates. Since the iPhone 3GS can use iMessage, Apple’s free messaging system, folks can send unlimited text messages to any iOS capable device, and with Skype, can make unlimited calls for free. iPhone 3GS owners can buy the bare minimum plans and still have access to unlimited text and voice without the $110-150 monthly bill.

Aside from data and voice, another common expense a person can expect to pay for is a case, and some of the best iPhone 3gs cases will cost less than 30 dollars as the device. In total, you a person can loot to spend $50 for the phone, an a activation fee (which varies), a $65 month-to-month plan and a $30 case, bringing the total to around $145.

The Accessibility

 For first-time buyers who make the switch to the iPhone will also find the phone accessible for all types of uses, from business needs to entertainment. Since Apple allows 3rd party developers to create applications for its App Store, individuals who buy the phone will have access to millions of programs. Individuals can install applications for listening to music, finding restaurants to organizing personal notes. IPhone owners can download free applications or buy programs for as little as a dollar. Also, if you own an iPod, you will already be familiar with the usage of the phone itself, just don’t try to place an iPod cases and skins on the phone as it is a bit bigger.

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