What to Expect From the iPhone 5S

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iphone 5sOne of the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple, is certainly ardent on leading the smartphone market. Some might expect them to at least stand their ground and hold off on releasing a new phone so soon after the release of their last one. It seems like that isn’t part of Apple’s philosophy, however, and that is to wait for the last one to fully flourish before getting at it again. With the rumors of the iPhone 5S’ release, Apple seems to be the strike while the iron is hot kind of company. Barely half a year after the iPhone 5 was first released, rumors are abundant that the iPhone 5S will soon hit the market. In case this rumor is proven to be true, people who are expecting an iPhone 6 can kiss their dreams goodbye, temporarily. This statement is based mainly on their tendency to release S versions right after the original model.

Although some claim that they are certain about the iPhone 5S’ existence and impending release, there are still those who believe that Apple is actually working on the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 isn’t an impossibility because it will be a fitting retort to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, although it is more likely to be the iPhone 5S. Like what they did with the previous S versions of their phones, the iPhone 5S is expected to sport very little changes from its base model. The changes expected are not drastic and some even fear that it might be difficult to classify the iPhone 5S to be a different phone if the changes will be too minimal.

The Release Date

Rumors are circulating that the release date of the Apple iPhone 5S will be in the last quarter of the year. If you are getting tired of guessing then the safest bet would be to expect the iPhone 5S’ release before 2013 ends. There are sources who claim that the manufacturing of the phone commenced in March so we can expect a release any time after June, since June is almost over and we have not heard of any news about the release just yet.iphone 5s colors

The 5S Display

According to the China Times, which is a paper in the country where iPhones are manufactured, the iPhone 5S is expected to sport a Super HD screen which will also feature a Touch on Display that comes with a 10-Pt. multi touch panel. This will make most of the iPhone 5S functions more fun like the VoIP features that also allow video display. It will be helpful to note that although China Times is close in proximity to the manufacturing companies of the iPhone 5S, China Times has not always hit the mark when it comes to speculations about Apple products.

The 5S Design

Like mentioned earlier, the iPhone 5S design is not expected to swing too far away from the original design of the iPhone 5. Otherwise, Apple should have opted to call it the iPhone 6 instead. The phone’s chassis will certainly be the same, unless Apple changes its mind and overhauls the phone completely.

There have been rumors that Apple is looking to procure a more inexpensive kind of plastic from their usual preference—to lessen the cost, of course. However, there are also persistent rumors that suggest Apple’s impending decision to procure a cheaper material has nothing to do with the design and creation of the iPhone 5S. Many believe that this move could be a part of Apple’s attempt to create a cheaper version of the iPhone to target low-income mobile phone users. This will certainly be a welcome innovation because there are so many people who would love to own Apple products such as the iPhone but find the price to be outrageous.

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