The iPhone’s Days Are Numbered – Here’s Why

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iphoneApple seems to come up with flashy new stuff which is quickly reproduced and forgotten in favor of the cheaper versions available. It’s not always like that though. The iPad was one of the first tablets to hit the market and after seeing how good (and bad) the device was, other, younger, less wealthy companies produced their own tablets with some of those issues corrected.

The same thing happened when Apple came out with iPods, some of the world’s first MP3 playing devices. They weren’t out but a few months before the competition came pouring in, much to Apple’s dismay. Really, when people can pay a fraction of the price to get the same data storage and playback, what chance does a company have to make a sale if they’re charging 2, 5 or even 10 times more?

Releasing unfinished products, universally bland, boring design and obscenely high prices are all reasons the Apple iPhone’s days are numbered and counting down now. It’s a shame; even when Apple is late to the party and has time to read the competition and change up its own game plan, it still produces inferior goods.

Better Phones Exist

One problem for Apple’s iPhone line is their biggest competitor, Google’s Android brand. Android has been around longer, so they’ve got more phones for customers to choose from and offer a wider, more varied experience for consumers. While Apple does have experience making electronics people love to buy, like their highly popular iPods, this doesn’t mean they can just shoulder in on a market fairly dominated by another, bigger, wealthier company.

Apple is doing a fine job of keeping its head above the water right now and without question, they are a bunch of veterans who know exactly what they’re doing. They should know then that with significantly better technology available, their own smartphones would have a difficult time getting to peak sales. This isn’t Highlander but there can be only one great smartphone provider and right now Google is it.

People who want the very best are going to keep going there while the iPhone continues to have less than stellar sales. The business must be profitable if Apple is keeping it going but they surely make more money with their line of mp3 players.

Cheaper Phones Exist

This is a big point for people with less money to spend who also want to get in on the smartphone phenomenon. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to dole out for the iPhone; maybe they already spent a few hundred on the newest iPod. Or, maybe they’ve got other things to pay for like children, school or incidentals, the kinds of things which just seem to come up at the worst times.

If people can get a fairly close facsimile of the higher priced item, then they’re going to do it. This isn’t like comparing margarine to butter, in which the taste difference is so obvious even a blindfolded person would know what he or she was eating. Companies like Samsung, Nokia and other smartphone producers are building sleek, affordable models and opening up the market to people with less money to spend but a strong urge to spend that money on a smartphone.

If Apple would charge maybe $100 less for all of its phones, it could really grab the market by the horns and take itself somewhere. The way things are right now, people can get a similar experience for significantly less. Big businesses always say they have a bottom line to worry about – so do consumers. They’re not going to buy this crap.

Apple is Pretentious

Hubris has been the downfall of many a prideful individual and group, including businesses. If Apple wanted to act like their mp3 players were the best in the world, they might actually be right. They’ve had a lot of time to make, remake and perfect the manufacturing process, services, features and everything else surrounding their iPods.

They do have a great product people line up around the block to buy, a big moneymaker they can count on year in and year out to get them in the black and keep them there. The same cannot be said for Apple’s iPhones, however. There just aren’t as many apps available when compared to Google’s Android database. Plus, iPhones just cost too much for the average consumer with a couple hundred dollars to spend.

Besides that, the iPhone doesn’t represent the biggest and best device on the market right now. Apple shouldn’t be charging as much as they do for their second-tier quality electronics but since they made it big with one device, they think they can get away with it. Right now, they can. As more young competition comes up under them and Android continues to keep them down, Apple will eventually be squished.

Better Budget Your Money

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking into buying some kind of smartphone, that or you’re just really into modern electronics. Either way, you’re probably like millions of other Americans who just don’t have the money to dump into pits like Apple’s iPhone. We all direct the economy by picking what’s good and gets to stay and getting rid of what’s bad and makes no money.

When most of us consistently buy the better and equally priced Android line of phones or purchase from the cheaper, nearly as effective alternatives offered by trusted telecommunications companies, that’s not going to leave much business for Apple. The manufacturer has produced some awesome stuff, there’s no doubting that. Perhaps Apple should stick to making mp3 players though.

It doesn’t look as if the iPhone will keep going too long into the conceivable future. Too much competition, exorbitant pricing and assumed superiority the iPhone’s days are numbered. It’s just a matter of time before it folds like so many bad FOX television shows. Hopefully when all is said and done, it will be easy to forget this thing existed.

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