The iPhone 5: Release News To Buy Or Not To Buy?

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iphone 5 releaseMuch consumerism has been taken over by the latest gadgets currently on the market. This includes anything from the newest Smartphone to the iPad and iPhone. While the craze continues, it has yet to be decided if it is worth the money and investment to buy and use these products. The release of certain gizmos, especially the newest versions of the iPhone is often received with an incredible amount of anticipation and enthusiasm, with many people trying to buy the product on the very first day of its release.

Release of the iPhone 5

The latest version of the iPhone is now slated to be released a month earlier than previously expected. The September launch of the phone breaks much of the pattern associated with other product launches for previous versions of the device which are typically available to the public somewhere around June or July. This version may even find its way into stores starting as early as late August. This launch will most likely be in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch which is also slated to be released in September.

Issues with the New iPhone 5

Despite the enthusiasm that typically surrounds any release of an Apple product, including the newest version of the iPhone, there are some issues that have been made public with this newest phone. One of these is the potential for battery problems. Apple has admitted that only 30% of the batteries for the phone are holding up to Apple’s standards. There is also the worry that the release is only being pushed up to compete with the Galaxy’s release and that there may be other issues that arise because of the rush.

Positives with the iPhone 5

Despite any potential problems with this newest iPhone, it is expected to come jam packed with new and innovative upgrades. It is said to include a faster processor as well as a bigger screen and is even likely to include NFC technology. This faster processor will most probably be quad-core and called the Apple 6. The bigger screen should be a larger 4.6 inch retina display and it has been rumored that it may even come complete with new touch screen technology. The NFC technology is an interesting development and can essentially turn the device into a credit or debit card. This Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to pay for goods, buy tickets, or even open a car.

The new version is also expected to showcase a new design, including a brand new casing, completely independent of older versions of the phone. The phone is also rumored to have a new back plate, two tone back with relocated headphone jack, and a detailed video render.

There are also rumors that suggest that the new phone will include 1GB of Ram as well as a new dock connector. It is also anticipated that the new Apple phone should come with 4G, especially given that the technology already exists in the iPad.

To Buy or Not To Buy

There are several Apple product enthusiasts that will buy the newest company product whether or not it has potential issues. For those who are a bit savvier and less loyal to the company, it is worth taking a look at all potential pitfalls before purchasing. However, this new version does seem to be stockpiled full of new and innovative additions and designs. For those who are already looking to purchase a new phone, this may be a good investment. For those who aren’t looking to spend the money right away, it might be worth waiting and seeing how the phone is received before purchasing.

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