The Ideal iPhone App Which Will Help You To Easily And Quickly Develop Mechanical Systems With Moving Parts

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iphone apps for buildingWhen you are designing and constructing a large commercial building you will typically require many different professionals for the project. This will range from designers, architects, construction professionals and project managers. Another extremely important member of the team will be the engineers. There are many different parts of the project that an engineer will be involved in, however, one of the most important tasks that an engineer will often need to undertake is to develop mechanical systems with moving parts.

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion is an iPhone app that has been created to help engineers develop these mechanical systems along with their moving parts. The app will actually allow an engineer to simulate their concepts and designs, thus allowing other members of the project team, and indeed the client, to visualize exactly what a certain mechanical system will look like and how it will operate.

Traditionally, much of the initial design work for mechanical systems has been created with nothing more than a pencil, paper and a calculator. However, with this system being used it can extremely difficult for anyone apart from an engineer to fully appreciate how a certain mechanical system will work. With that being said, this great iPhone app makes it far easier for everyone on the team to completely understand how a certain system or object will operate.


  1. The app will provide immediate feedback on the performance of certain mechanical objects, which can then be viewed by the entire team, as well as being printed and emailed.
  2. The process of drawing items and simulating their use is made far easier by having a simple tap-feature, which allows you to move, rotate and scale different items and objects.
  3. Once you have completed your designs the app can alert you potential problems, as well as providing a number of effective solutions to deal with these.
  4. The entire ForceEffect Motion app is integrated with Autodesk 360, so you it can easily be added to the plans and designs for a much larger project, e.g. you use ForceEffect motion to design elevators and this can then be added to the overall designs made for a large hotel.
  5. You have the ability to freehand sketch with the app, as well as adding sample backgrounds.
  6. You can create mechanical joints that will be required for the projects and these include welded, sliding, collar, pinned and crossing joints.
  7. You can analyze different parts of the project in real-time to get a better understanding of whether certain moving parts will work.


The Autodesk ForceEffect Motion app is completely free and can be downloaded from the Productivity category in iTunes. It was initially designed for iPhone and iPad, but can now also be used with iPod touch. The app will require an operating system of iOS 4.3 or later and has now been optimized for iPhone 5. The latest update added a number of new features, including an engineering paper background option, the ability to play several actuators, and visible reference points were added in order to help members of the team to see results based a specific location.

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