Prediction: By 2025 The IPhone Will No Longer Exist

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iphone 2025Get out your crystal ball and try and predict what the future of the iPhone will be. Will it exist in the year 2025? Of course only time will tell, but here are some interesting comments on changes for the iPhone and the Smartphone world.

What will be in a future Smartphone?

Currently the rumors state that there will be an inclusion of projection capabilities into iOS devices. This application will use shadow and silhouette gestures which would be a very handy feature in a darkened room. Wave your hand and the iPhone reacts to commands even in the dark.

Increasing the bezel size will bring the iPhone into the realm of a secondary touchscreen display. Basically all the wasted space that surrounds the screen could be utilized. Virtual button moving would be one application that actually is designed to eliminate clutter and improve functionality.

The current trend is retina display which is great for photos and videos. It is not so great for reading text however. The iPhone will add a layer of e-paper.

Transparent display is a feature everyone wants on a Smartphone. See a picture and overlay the picture with a description about what you are seeing. Whip out your iDevice; see and read about what you are looking at.

Why will the iPhone be extinct?

Smartphones are no longer portable messaging and email devices. They are now streaming video machines, web surfers and cameras that rival expensive professional camera equipment. What is the new evolution of smartphone? Predictions claim that there are many changings coming and the iPhone will have high competition.

There are innovations and designs in the works that will be more in line with what consumers want and competition will be fierce in the smartphone market. Can Apple design flexible smartphones that are very tiny, thinner and lighter?

Kyocera came out with a foldable dual screen design a few years ago. This dual screen is being reinvented with concepts that include an LCD display on one side and an electronic ink display on the other. Dual screen phones will be as thin as today’s full touch phones. The technology is just around the corner.

Wearable phones are a definite phone of the future. Being designed are wristwatch phones that bend and fold almost like a piece of jewelry. These phones will have a touchscreen containing a full Qwerty keyboard. Currently called the Nokia Morph, this phone uses nanotechnology to create a malleable electronic device. Fibril proteins woven into a three-dimensional mesh allow the phone to move and bend. Not your current iPhone.

Technology Surpasses Apple Everyday

More technology advances surpassing Apple, includes the ability to make mobile bill payments and peer-to-peer connections via NFC by placing two phones back to back. You can exchange contact information or share Web pages. Your phone is now an electronic business card.

Smartphones are changing to collect data, analyze situations and provide information in real time. This will require more technology, different applications and an entirely different phone design.

The future of smartphones is only beginning. Will your iPhone be extinct? As it stands now, yes. Developments will be coming out of academic and corporate research labs that will give mobile technology a very science fiction feel.

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