Possible Screen Specifications for the iPhone 5

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iphone 5 screenWith the iPhone, Apple has created one of the most consistently popular and successful mobile devices in the world, and one which seems to be increasing in both all the time. Therefore it is no surprise that the possible specifications for the upcoming iPhone 5 are proving to be such a rich source of speculation amongst mobile phone enthusiasts, with some information having leaked out in advance concerning matters such as the size of the screen, possible advances in terms of the processor, and a great deal of rumor all combining to feed the excitement of iPhone fans around the world.

Already the advance word on the iPhone 5 is that it will feature a 4-inch screen display – which makes this feature bigger than those of previous iPhone models. The screen size is something which has been commented upon with regards to previous models, especially as rivals develop phones with significantly bigger screens, and clearly Apple has decided to make changes in this area. There remains speculation as to whether the bigger screen will be reflected in a bigger overall body for the iPhone 5, or whether Apple will opt to retain the size that has proven so popular due to the comfort with which it fits in the palm of even the smallest hand.

When it comes to the screen specifications for the iPhone 5, another rumor currently circulating is that Apple plan for this model to have a greater degree of resolution than previous versions of the iPhone. This is one rumored specification which is creating considerable excitement, as the general perception is that the iPhone is already the market leader in this respect, thanks to the Retina Display featured in the previous versions. Thus the suggestion that the company may be set to raise the bar even higher in this area will be a worrying one for competitors. Of course it is possible that the improvement in image resolution will simply be a by-product of the overall increase in size of the UI.

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