Owl Bubo mount for iPhone 4!

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owl bubo for iphone 4Ever wanted to make high quality videos with your iPhone? In the past the iPhone made quite good videos but as soon as you zoom in the videos got very wiggly. This is because the iPhone is very small and very light. Now there is a solution for that. The new Owl Bubo for the iPhone 4 is a aluminum body housing with an integrated lens and microphone. The lens lets you use the camera with a much wider angle and the integrated microphone will deliver you crystal clear sound. The problem with the microphone integrated into the iPhone 4 is that as soon as you make a video the microphone is pointing to the side. With the Owl Bubo it point in the direction of the video capture.

The handling of the Owl Bubo is very easy. Just plug the iPhone into the aluminum body housing and you are ready to go. In the past the you would have to put the iPhone on a table or something stable in order to get a clear video. Now you can use the Owl Bubo. The owl is very ergonomic which means that it is perfect to hold in your hands. There is now need for any additional video camera which will cost you a lot of money and you do not have to carry any additional equipment around. Despite that you do not deed a digital camera because as we all know the iPhone 4 makes perfect images.

The Owl Bubo for iPhone is the perfect add on if you like to make videos as hobby person. Surely it does not replace a high end video camera but it perfectly replaces a middle class video camera. After you have made some videos with the owl you can easily share them on facebook or upload them to your server to get comments of your friends or family. We don´t want to talk around the product any more. The price for the Owl Bubo is $151.95 on Amazon. That is not very expensive for such a product because an additional video camera would cost you minimum the double of that amount. Furthermore the product is fairly new but if you have a look on eBay we are sure that you will find a cheaper offer.

Last but least we wish you a great experience with the new Owl Bubo for the iPhone 4.

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