Note Anytime on iPhone is like a Mobile Post-it Note in Your Pocket

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note anytime for iphoneThe simple interface masks the feature rich new free app for iPhone called Note Anytime. There are other note takers, but none with the amount of sketching power of this powerful app. Various pen and paper styles and colors are provided for free and other enhancements like calligraphy pens and special inks can be purchased from the in-store app.

Note Anytime allows you to take notes around just about anything on your phone. If you want to take some notes around a photo from your phone and then tweet it out to a friend, this app makes it fun and easy. Drawing free hand sketches around imported graphics or original drawings can be done just as easily. The app provides 2 GB of space in their cloud based storage called the ‘Digital Cabinet” if you want to save any of your creations later.

The circular tool palette gives you five pens of different thicknesses, but if you hold down on the pen in the middle, you can set pen thickness levels, select different colors or opacity. After your drawing or note is complete, you can send it easily to your computer or tablet or out to your friends. Rich social media functions allow you share just about anything via email, tweeting out or posting to Facebook.

Since Note Anytime is free and is also available on Windows 8 and iPad, the product really does allow you to take your notes with you on the fly. It does work like a portable sticky note.  Note Anytime works fine with a finger, but better with a stylus. It’s an app every iPhone user should check out.

You can download this app here….

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