iPhone 5 Complete Rumors Covered-Up in Video!

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We have seen alot of iPhone 5 rumors, here all those iPhone 5 rumors have been covered up in the video posted above. This beautiful video summary has been created by the guys.

Recently hired by THE Gang, the talented Nicolas Doretti (video) and Axel Guenoun (music) agreed to direct this beautiful video just bellow and the least we can say is that these young men know what they’re talking about! Based on a very few directions, Nicolas and Axel were able to produce this work, truly matching our expectations and in such a short time. Pros you do need to add to you business contacts right away, if you wish to have the best of the bests in case you need it. What else to say if not that we hope you’ll enjoy this project as much as we do.

Let’s see whether all these rumors will come true in the next iPhone or not, atleast some of them will come true for sure, but I’m sure it will have better camera pixels with 1080px recording feature and a much sleeker design from its predecessor and lets hope for a better battery timings…

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