Five Reasons Why the iPhone is Still the Best Smartphone

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iphone best smartphoneApple’s iPhone is the top selling and most popular smartphone in the world. Ever since the original version was released in June 2007, the Cupertino, California technology company found itself a hit and never looked back. That device was considered groundbreaking and even managed to overtake the mighty BlackBerry, which was all the rave before the invention of the iPhone. Now, six years later, the iPhone is still coveted by so many users for a variety of reasons.

Retina Display

Since the iPhone 4 was released in 2010, Apple’s flagship smartphone has always sported the brilliant and crystal clear Retina display. This technology makes the screen of the iPhone superior to many other smartphones on the market, even those that are considered HD as such a high resolution on a smartphone is not always better. iPhone’s Retina display measures in at 326 pixels per inch and gives you crystal clarity in 3.5 or four inches respectively in the iPhone 4 and 4S and the latest version, the iPhone 5. The screen largely explains why BlackBerry phones have become less popular in comparison.

Light Weight Durability

The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone to date and boasts a wonderfully thin form factor. It is lightweight at only 112 grams, and although it has a larger screen than its predecessors at a full four inches, it is still small and light enough to slip into your pocket if necessary. At the same time, in spite of its slimness and lightness, it is also solid and an extremely durable smartphone, as evidenced by the numerous drop tests that have been performed on the iPhone since it was released.

App Store

Along with the iPhone comes the iTunes App Store, which means that you have access to more than 800,000 apps from which to choose. Many of these are available for free and are of great quality, whether you are looking for games, utilities, social networking or want to keep on track of your finances or organize your life.

Battery Life

The latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, has the best battery life of all of Apple’s smartphones to date. While using it, you can get up to eight hours of talk time and even more hours of standby time. Generally speaking, you will get a full day’s worth of usage out of your phone, even if you are streaming music or watching videos throughout the day. iPhone plans can provide you with a great plan that will include plenty of data for these activities.

Easy To Use

Perhaps one of the top reasons why the iPhone is still the best smartphone on the market to date is that it is very easy to use. In general, anyone, even the elderly, can use the iPhone, even without having ever browsed a handbook on how to use it. Once you have picked up an iPhone and started using it, everything becomes second nature.

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