Get With the Times: The Apple iPhone 4s Vs. Blackberry Curve 9320

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iphone vs blackberry curveThere was a time when having a Blackberry was considered to be the mark of a successful business person. As a business phone, a Blackberry was top of the line, with great connectivity, good productivity programmes, and it was perfect for both scheduling and communicating with the office.

However, times have changed, and Blackberry is no longer top of the business pack. The advent of Apple’s iPhone in particular brought about the downfall of the Blackberry. Apple managed to pack all the same communication and productivity functionality into something that was faster and looked sexier. There is still a declining sect who can’t live without their Blackberries, but that number shrinks every day. And with Blackberry’s new top of the line Curve 9320 model, the number of Blackberry fans probably isn’t going to grow. When pitted against Apple’s older iPhone 4s model, the Blackberry doesn’t have much to offer…

What the Blackberry Can Offer…

There’s not much that the Blackberry does better. The most obvious difference between the Curve and the iPhone is that it comes with a physical keyboard. Some may see this as an advantage, but we just think that it cuts into valuable screen space. It does have a slightly better screen though, coming with TFT LCD rather than the iPhone’s regular old LCD, which makes the picture quality brighter and more vivid.

It has the ability to run multiple applications at the same time, which Apple’s phones always seem to lack, letting you surf the web and talk on Skype together for example. It also comes in slightly lighter, at 103 g versus 140 g. But that’s pretty much it…

What the iPhone Offers…

It’s pretty easy to say that the iPhone is better. It has a higher screen resolution and more PPI (pixels per inch), resulting in a picture that may not be as bright as the Blackberry’s, but is more cleanly defined and focussed. Obviously it has the touchscreen, which not only makes it easier to use, but also means that it’s not wasting space with a keyboard.

This results in the iPhone’s screen being double the size of the Blackberry’s, important for web browsing and email reading. Speaking of web browsing, the iPhone’s maximum data speeds are twice as fast as those of the Blackberry, so your downloads are twice as fast and web pages load twice as fast.

The camera is of a significantly higher resolution, having two and a half times more megapixels than the Blackberry, resulting in more detailed pictures. And you get double the talk time on a single battery charge. Plus, despite being heavier, it’s smaller and thinner than the Blackberry.

Time to Switch?

If you’re still using a Blackberry, it really is time to think about switching. The iPhone is obviously a far superior phone. Even when comparing Blackberry’s top of the line Curve 9320 to Apple’s older 4s model, the iPhone still comes out on top. A lot of the reason we don’t like the Blackberry has to do with the physical keyboard, which we find old fashioned and frankly not as easy to use as a touch screen keyboard. But when it comes down to functionality, the iPhone is clearly the better choice.

Phil Turner remembers being wowed by people with Blackberry phones in 2005. Since then iPhone deals have made Apple’s phone available to everyone.

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