6 Best iPhone Apps to Make Travel Easier!

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iphone travel appsThe number of available apps that are supposed to make traveling easier is vast. However, most of them aren’t terribly helpful. Although many companies appear to feel as though they need their own special app in order to stay on top of trends, a lot of them aren’t worth the work that goes into them. Here is a list of the best iPhone apps deemed most helpful while traveling.

Flight Aware

For the person who believes that more info is better info, there is FlightAware. It allows you to view the exact location of your flight in that instant. Previously, FlightAware was only available as a web site, but popular demand compelled them to create a convenient app. Download (iTunes Link)

It can be handy for helping you board on time, too. If you know you’re supposed to be boarding a certain plane but can’t find it, you can use the app to see where in the airport your plane is.


Have you ever needed to buy something once you got to your gate only to find yourself hopelessly clueless as to where the store is? This is especially common in large airports. By using GateGuru, you can instantly pull up information on the stores and eateries available in your terminal, as well as reviews. Looking for products or services in an airport will be much easier with this app. Download (iTunes Link)

Hotel Tonight

Occasionally, it happens that you arrive to your destination only to realize that you have no accommodations arranged. This can happen because of a missed flight or late meeting. The company who made this app works directly with hotels to get you great deals on last-minute accommodations. With Hotel Tonight, you can book a nice room at a low price within mere seconds. Download (iTunes Link)

Taxi Magic

People who aren’t used to being in a big city can be overwhelmed and confused when trying to use taxi services. Using the Taxi Magic app looks for participating cab companies in your areas and can have one sent right to you. You can even pay through the app so there’s no hassling with cash or cards. Although the app itself is free, you will be charged a $1.50 fee for paying through it. Should the app turn up no participating companies, it will supply you with a list of phone numbers for other companies so you can make your own arrangements. Download (iTunes Link)


Those who have used TripIt’s online version to manage their travel details will already know how helpful it is for keeping track of your plans. Now, they can enjoy this handy tool as an app. TripIt allows you to view and organize your travel plans so you won’t lose anything. Besides basics like cars, flights and accommodations, it also handles meals and appointments. TripIt FREE | TripIt PRO (no ads)

Airline Apps

This isn’t a particular app, rather, it depends on the airline you choose. If you often use the same carrier, it’s probably impractical to download a new app every time you fly. However, those with a particular airline preference will find it invaluable.

There are all kinds of great apps that let you book flights, check in, check the standby list and even view your flight status. Some apps also function as a digital boarding pass, needing only to be scanned before boarding. Unfortunately, not all airports support this function.


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