5 Fun iPhone Apps for Creating Ringtones

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iphone ringtonesYour iPhone is representative of who you are. After all, it’s basically your personal assistant . . . and probably has more information about you than do most people you know, right? It is only natural to want to customize your iPhone and make it speak for you. One way to do that – literally – is to create your very own, custom ringtone. And just like most everything else, there is an app for that (or many). Which is best for you? Choose from these five fun iPhone apps for creating ringtones:

Ringtone Maker Pro. Using this app, you can take any of your downloaded songs and tweak it to make it sound almost completely different. For example, you can change the sound pitch to give your favorite male artist a Chipmunk voice, you can slow down a high-tempo song to give it a totally different feel, or vice versa. Ringtone Maker Pro even allows you to choose the specific clip of the song you want to play as your ringtone. Get App

Ringtone HD. If you want to record custom ringtones for each of your contacts, then this is the perfect app for you. Simply use the record feature to preserve audio clips of your friends, which you can then associate with the corresponding contacts on your list. You can also use standard song clips, too, if you want. Free| Pro

Create Ringtones! This app allows you to choose clips from music that you have in your iPhone library, or you can even record your own to create a ringtone that no one else will have. What’s great about this free app is that its simple user interface is so uncomplicated to use, in spite of all the advanced features. Get App

Dring. Torn between choosing a song and recording your own ringtone? With Dring, you don’t have to choose. Using this app, you can actually layer one on top of the other and mix them however you want in order to bring song and audio recording together. Get App

Ringtone Remix Pro. This app uses a handy drop-box interface that makes it easy to pick and choose the songs you want to customize for your ringtones, and even send them straight to your computer. Get App

As you can see, it can be easy to create your own custom ringtones, as long as you know which tools to use. Try these awesome ringtone creation apps out for size, and make your iPhone speak for you like only it can.

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