5 best iPhone Apps for Amateur Cooks!

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cook iphone appsLet’s face it: these days, your iPhone is really more like your right-hand-man. It’s even likely you spend more time interacting with it than you do your pets. If you have a hankering for cooking, then your iPhone can now accompany you to your kitchen, in effect acting as your sous chef (although it won’t be dicing any veggies). You’d be amazed at all that little gadget can do when it comes to preparing a meal, as long as you equip it with the right tools. Here are five best iPhone apps for amateur cooks:

Kitchen calculator proKitchen Calculator PRO by Forward Leap, LLC

Recipes generally specify the amount of servings you will be preparing. However, what if you only want to make a romantic meal for two using that family-sized recipe? Kitchen Calculator PRO will quickly convert any recipe according to your requirements, and will also make weight, volume, and temperature conversions with just a few keystrokes.

campbell kitchen iphone appCampbell’s Kitchen

This app by the makers of Campbell’s soup contains a vast database of quick, easy, and delicious Campbell’s soup recipes, as well as instructions and basic cooking guidelines to help you get the most out of your cooking, no matter what your level of expertise (or lack thereof). Any amateur cook knows that Campbell’s soups can be used to create a variety of tasty dishes, and this app is an absolutely must-have.

appetite for iphoneAppetites by Clear-Media

If you are interested in kicking it up a notch, then this app is the way to go. Featuring a wide array of five-star meals, Appetites guides you through the secrets of how to get them just-right by providing easy to follow instructional videos (called “cooking classes”) that take you step-by-step through the process.

how to cook everythingHow to Cook Everything on the Go

This app was created by renowned chef Mark Bittman, and is an invaluable go-to when you are at the market shopping for your meals, as well as when you are at home preparing those meals. How to Cook Everything on the Go has a shopping list feature, a kitchen timer, a techniques guide, and a whole bevy of delicious recipes developed by Mr. Bittman, himself.

epicurious iphone appEpicurious

This app provides you with access to over twenty-five thousand gourmet recipes, in step-by-step format as well as shopping list format. The recipes are even organized into categories to make meal planning easy.

As an amateur chef in the age of technology, you now have more resources than ever to help you reach your goals in the kitchen. Makes use of these awesome iPhone apps to get make the most of your skills.

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