Why Buy a iPod Instead of an iPhone!

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iphone 5 new design imageIf you are, like so many other people today, trying to make the decision between and Ipod and an Iphone, don’t be surprised that you are having a hard time deciding. The two devices not only look very similar, they run on the same operating systems and have the same apps.  They are the same size, and not much different in weight. How different can they be?

What Are the Differences?

The big, main difference is, of course, what they are. One is a phone (that’s the iPhone, in case you didn’t guess) and one is really more of a little computer.  But then again, isn’t just about every device we buy today a little computer, including our phones?  There are other differences, but the main criterion that most buyers will be concerned with is the overall price. Let’s look at that a little later.

The first issue is that the iPod is not a phone, so you will have to have another phone device. If you are totally content with just a messaging system, or have a company phone, or a cheap plan attached to a family plan, this may not be an issue, but the expense of owning a phone in addition to the iPod has to be considered in the case of the iPod. In addition, since it is not a phone, the Ipod does not have GPS, which the iPhone does.

As mentioned, the iPod is really a small computer, and reflects this fact with its larger size screen, which takes up the whole face. The iPhone has only a smaller, palm sized screen. The next important comparison point is the capacity. The max capacity for the iPhone is only 32G, whereas the iPod, which functions as a computer, can be obtained with 64G of capacity.

Both devices offer networking, cameras, and video apps, although the camera feature of the iPod is said to be superior.

Make the Overall Comparison

Ah, and now to to the all important question of price. This what makes the decision so hard for so many people. The Ipod, with its higher functionality and capacity, costs about $100 more than the Iphone. On the other hand, there is no requirement for an ongoing data plan with the Ipod, data plans which typically would cost over $100 during the first three or four months of use. However, if you have to pay for a phone anyway….

And this is why it is such an individual decision. Is the extra capacity worth having such a device even if you have to have another phone? Can you live with just data messaging and not live talk? Do you want or need an Iphone if you already have a phone from another source?

If you are thinking about getting a touch screen-based multimedia and web device from Apple, deciding on the iPhone vs. iPod can be extremely tricky. Break the confusion. Read reviews online or perform a people search and obtain first hand feedbacks from the actual users. It will definitely help you compare devices head to head.

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