Which is better the iPhone 5 or the Windows Phone 8X?

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iphone 5 vs htc windows phone 8The iPhone brand is a much loved and much hated beast. It has drawn people from every demographic in and turned them into loyal followers who eagerly await the next release of the iconic phone. When it comes to high end phones we can’t escape the “impress factor”; that is everyone wants to show off their new phone. My Mum recently got the HTC DROID DNA and has been showing it off to me, lol. She loves it and is very proud.


iphone 5 vs htc windows phone 8xWindows phones are going to have to build for themselves the reputation for creating “drop dead gorgeous” phones that iPhone has and HTC is beginning to do. Windows are entering the market when Android are picking up pace and iOS is already strong due to the Apple effect. The phones have to be lovely.

For me the soft plastic look of the Windows Phone 8X misses the mark. I wanted to see a premium phone that wowed me and unfortunately this isn’t it. It looks nice, has nice curves and is errr… nice. But to compete in this market it needs to be more than nice. It needs to be wow wow wow! The iPhone has gone from aluminium back to the traditional glass material. It is premium in look and feel. There have been reports of some issues with cracking but Apple has worked on their quality processes to improve this. Let’s hope they can or they will do severe damage to the quality image of their brand.


The buttons are a bit annoying on the Windows phone too. The iPhone always get this aspect right. They have springy, responsive and protruding buttons that do the job. The HTC are not as usable unfortunately. This is a real shame when it is such an easy design thing to get right.

The screen sizes are comparable, with the Windows phone .3 inches bigger at 4.3 inches. There is no marked difference but there is in quality. The iPhone has a better screen in my opinion. It performs better outdoors and at extreme angles. The Windows Phone 8X is good, don’t get me wrong, but the iPhone is the next level up with on a par with the DROID 8x vs iphone 5


Unfortunately, the iPhone wins this battle for me. The phone is just better. With the loyalty of those that love Android, and those that love Apple products, this is not going to win the market share that Microsoft wants.

I would choose the iPhone and I am not normally an iPhone buyer. Microsoft is going to have to do much better to succeed at the high end of the smartphone market. A “good try” for the Windows Phone; and a “well done again” for iPhone.


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