What You Can Expect from the iPhone 5?

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iphone 5 imageOne of the most anticipated events of the year is the release of a new Apple gadget. This year is no exception. Apple hardcore fans and aficionados are awaiting the release of the newest touch phone – the iPhone 5.

There is no official statement from Apple yet but bloggers, techies and Apple experts are expecting the release date to be sometime in September or October. This is because Apple is somewhat predictable when it comes to their product launches. Last year, iPhone 4s was also released during the fall season. This year, the release might coincide with the death anniversary of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs.

As for the physical features of the phone, there are some rumors saying that the new iPhone will feature a bigger display screen.  The display screen will be increased to 4 inches. The other iPhones have 3.5-inch screens. There is also talk that Apple will change the design entirely because of their renewed partnership with Liquidmetal. This is an exclusive partnership so that means Apple is the only electronics manufacturer that can use Liquidmetal. This is a partnership that will extend until 2014, a good two years.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be thin. The iPhone 4S is only 9mm. Consumers prefer slim smartphones  so we can expect the latest iPhone to be thinner than 9mm. 7mm as the rumors say, actually.

The iPhone 5 is also expected to be fast with the 4G LTE installation.  But, 4G LTE devices take up too much battery life so expect to have a longer battery life with the iPhone 5 if it is going to be powered by 4G LTE.

Apple’s Retina Display is the best in the smartphone market. Of course, with the arrival of a new iPhone, expect the images to be clearer and crisper.

The camera is also another aspect of the new iPhone that fans are expecting to be upgraded. The camera on the 4S is arguably the best in the smartphone industry today but there is still room for improvement. Depending on its performance, it might totally replace the point and shoot camera.

iOS 6

The iOS 6 is almost a sure thing with the iPhone 5. There are 200 changes made in the iOS 6 but there are some changes that are really worth mentioning. One of the most useful is the update in maps that now features a flyover 3D mode. The Passbook is your digital wallet. This is one feature that will surely be developed more over time as physical stores such as JC Penney are planning to make a shift to this technology. JC Penney is planning to eliminate checkout counters and tap into this Apple technology in the near future.  Also, Siri can now open apps for you in the new iOS 6. These are just some upgrades in the new iOS 6. Expect more when the new iPhone is released.

Whatever new features the iPhone 5 will have, they will surely surprise us and make our lives easier.

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