What Android Phones Rival the iPhone 5?

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iphone 5 vs androidApple has recently released the iPhone 5 on a wave of public anticipation, and for many their choice of next phone is already made. Apple has a lot of devotees due in no small amount to their App and musical capabilities but before making a decision on your next mobile phone you should ask which Android handsets stand up as credible alternatives.

The Samsung Galaxy series has become the iPhone’s closest rival and the mobile phone contest is often cast as a two horse race by the media. There many mobile phone deals on these handsets so be sure to look around the market.

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is everything a modern piece of technology should be; it has a sleek space-age design and a huge bright display. The iPhone 5 has perhaps streamlined some of its more organic design features but sticks with the brushed aluminum and functional type lines. Apple market their products as being ‘intuitive’ above all else and their designs reflect this organic ethic. Samsung however err more towards the futurist approach with sleek chassis, polished surfaces and curves. Both telephones are beautifully crafted and designed and in many ways they represent either end of the design spectrum – functional/organic versus visionary/space age.

The designs of the phones frame the argument quite well. Apple’s iPhones have that unerring instinctive quality, dragging and sliding like an extension of the finger tips. Samsung can also compete incredibly well in this department but their forte is perhaps the big 4.8 inch screen as opposed to the 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5.

Apple has always installed smaller screens with previous iPhone models featuring a 3.5 inch display. This signifies their stance that a phone and a tablet are separate entities not to be bridged by ‘phablet’ type large screen mobiles. Many would argue that 5 inches is just right as far as screen dimensions go and would be put off by the iPhone’s smaller display, thus making the Samsung Galaxy S3 the obvious choice.

Let’s also not forget offerings like the Sony Xperia T and the HTC One X as credible Android alternatives to the iPhone in a market more competitive and exciting than ever.

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