Vmware and Linux want to come to the iPhone!

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vmware on iphoneVirtual machines are a new term for many people. Vmware is not worried about that. They are busy making software with Linux that will bring a new experience to the Apple iPhone and hopefully even more devices. Read on to find out more about Vmware and their ideas for smartphones here in this quick article.

Two For The Price Of One

Having a second operating system inside your smartphone is probably a feature many will approve of. Vmware knows this and is working on bringing more choices to people. But the people at Apple are famous for restricting what ends up on their iDevices. The Vmware virtual machine helps those who maintain computers to save money. They do so by making many virtual servers work on one physical server. They are entering the mobile realm with something they call “Horizon Mobile”.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Horizon Mobile allows an employee of a company to have one smartphone that covers both personal and work life. The way this software does it is to provide the user with separate mobile operating systems inside the same smartphone. It is already a known fact that employees want to use their own personal devices for themselves. This will prevent the company from having to worry about security issues and also keep the employee from carrying around two phones.

The Majority Of Virtual Servers Use Vmware

Virtual servers like the ones created by Vmware are purportedly running around 65 percent of all server burdens in the world. The major portion of those are run by Vmware. You could say they have already conquered the non-mobile section of the computing world. Now they are putting Apple into their sights. They say that the iPhone is too popular to be left out of the virtual machine world.

Vmware Already Runs On The Mac

The Mac computer is already using software from Vmware. It should not be much of a problem to get a Vmware virtual machine on the rest of those Apple mobile products. It is possible that this setup will allow a greater number of mobile users to make the switch from Blackberry to iPhone. Blackberry has traditionally been the mobile device for enterprise users, but they seem to be choking on their new use of QNX, another mobile operating system. Vmware has the ability to bridge the gap between those who want their smartphone to be both a work and play device while still keeping the boss happy.

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