Use MUSICMAGPIE iPhone App to Sell DVDs and CDs easily

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musicmagpie iphone appIf you have bundles of CDs, DVDs and game at home which you don’t want any more then you can sell easily on MUSICMAGPIE and get cash. Musicmagpie come up with a new idea to get cash for you by sending them used CDs and DVDs. The service is totally free to use you just have to attach label of FREE Shipping given on email and send all package via UPS and USPS.

For the customer convenience Musicmagpie application is available on both Apple store and Android Store for Free. It is now easier way to get access to musicmagicpie via your smartphone and sell your DVDs and CDs.  Just install it via appstore and use musicmagpie by signing user id. Here are the few ways to use Application:

  1. Use your iPhone camera to scan items
  2. Insert keys instead of Scanning items
  3. Basket option will show you products and items to continue order

Musicmagicpie is totally free to use and you can use their iphone app to sell your CDs, DVDs and Games & Blu-rays for CASH right from your iPhone, while on the go or even at office or anywhere. The app makes it quite easier to scan in your barcodes, complete a trade, edit your details and check the status of your order. And the good thing about the service is that you don’t need to pay a single penny on sending the item to the company because they are Offering Free Shipping Labels via email so you can easily sent your items via UPS and USPS.

Millions of people have now musicMagpie’d their stuff, so start using this wonderful free service today and save some extra cash for other purposes.

Download the Musicmagpie iPhone app by clicking here and start enjoying this great service…

musicmagpie iphone

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