Use Your iPhone’s Panoramic Feature To Make Great Gifts

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Sometimes I find it really hard to think of new and original gift ideas for people. Whether it’s father’s day (although that’s just gone), a birthday or any sort of anniversary; it just throws me into such a state of gift purchasing indecision.

For the past few years I have been making great use of sites like where you can upload a photo and do all sorts of things with it. I’ve given family members mugs with pictures of my children on them, had photo books made up of family occasions and given calendars with photos for each month of the year but I really think I need a new idea. Having recently converted to an iPhone, I’ve been having quite a lot of fun messing about with the panorama photo mode as my old phone didn’t do that.  If you’ve got an iPhone and you haven’t discovered the panorama photo function yet I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s also given me some great ideas for gifts.  This year, rather than making gifts out of my own photos that I’ve taken anyway, I’m going to think about taking a panoramic photo of something that means something to the person I’m giving it to in particular.  I’ve come up with some ideas already.

  • Town, city or village of birth/home town
  • Childhood holiday destinations
  • Wedding venue (for an anniversary gift)
  • Favorite pet or children running across a field or beach.

Basically, I’m having such fun with the panorama function I think this it what everyone will be getting from me this year!  I am definitely not a professional photographer – I don’t know any of the technical stuff – but the great thing about the iPhone is that it is so easy.  The only things that I’m really going to consider before taking my pictures are…

  • What time of day and in what type of weather I take the photo – both these things will affect the lighting which will in turn affect the overall mood of the photo.
  • The composition of the photo – going to start with skylines as these seem fairly easy while I’m still getting used to it.

Once I’ve got the picture I need to decide how to get it from my phone and turn it into an actual gift. For a nice gift, quality always counts and there are various places you can get quality gifts which add “the personal touch”, an example is the new company ‘Print Panoramics’ who are dedicated to iPhone based panoramic photos… Once I’ve had it printed up in poster format I’m going to have it framed and that will be my gifts sorted for the next year… probably want to make a note to change the idea for next year to avoid repetition!  Another example for you; It’s also my cousins birthday coming up next month and she’s just bought her first house so I really want to get her a home related gift.  I’m taking a panoramic picture for her too but she’s a fan of quite modern looking things – with that in mid I’m going to get the iPhone panoramic printed onto a canvas rather than as a framed print.

iPhone canvas on the wall

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Photo mugs and calendars were fun novelty gifts, but there’s something about giving a piece of wall art that seems a bit more sophisticated.  I was given a framed watercolor painting of a local scene a couple of years ago which has become a much loved part of my home.  I want to be able to give a similar gift but I can’t paint.

The iPhone’s panorama function has the ability to create something that is more unique than your standard picture and it’s easy to create (what appears to be) an impressive and meaningful piece of art.  Of course I could paint or draw that would be an amazing gift to give somebody, but if like me you can’t, or you’re lazy/in a hurry/etc,etc, try out your iPhone’s imaging capabilities and pair them with a creative idea.

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