Unleash Your Inner Hero Using Your iPhone with Heroes vs. Mosters!

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heroes vs monstersHeroes vs. Monsters are a free iPhone game where you play four characters to fight a vast number of monsters. As you go in the game, you gather points, various items and gold. All of these are useful in the game so it’s expected that you put effort to get these things. The points makes the characters become stronger and more skillful. The items may be used for different purposes such as healing, attacking, etc. Having these items increases your team’s capabilities. If you don’t intend to use them, you can sell them for gold. You can use the gold to buy stuff and recruit more people to fight with you. On that note, you can purchase heaps of gold with real human money if you don’t want to spend much time in gold and loot collection.

heroes vs monsters gameWhen traveling in this game, you’ll have a map to know where you are and where your enemies are. From time to time, you’ll encounter monsters to battle with but you can choose to avoid fighting if you want. Fighting them and winning makes you get the points, loot and their gold so it’s helpful if you do accept the invitation to battle. However, engaging in these minor battles takes much of your time and if you’re after something else more important, you may choose to walk away and pursue whatever goal you have in mind.

Gradually, you’ll get into more difficult fights and face your most challenging opponents. When you do, it’s very important that you have prepared your team. You do this by having the right items, developing the abilities of your heroes, and by having a battle strategy. You’ll find out how to turn your team into a fighting machine the more you get used to the game. Some tips for these are to have someone strong fight in front of the team and to have a healer that is protected by the team. You may experiment and see what works for all of the heroes.

This is basically how Heroes vs. Monsters is played. So, what do people say about this game? Let’s start with the negative points. Critics have observed that it is an imitation of another battle game, Battleheart. In terms of aesthetic quality, they are disappointed with the simplicity of the graphics. In the technical aspect, some have complained about the game becoming erratic at parts. The characters suddenly stop functioning at one point and their abilities become unavailable. When items are traded for gold, they get a lower amount of gold than what they expected. They say that the game becomes boring because it tends to be repetitious.

On a positive note, those who love battle games consider Heroes vs. Monsters as an appealing and freely accessible game. Some may think that putting a lot of time in fighting endless monsters and becoming more and more battle-ready is pointless, but not the majority of gamers. They don’t give much fuss about the game’s lack of stunning visuals but they are more into enjoying the delights of war and the thrills of hoarding. With this being said, Heroes vs. Monsters will always get a 5 star rating from the gamers who love to battle for the sake of battling. Is also works great with iOS devices, especially iPhone 3 or better. So, are you ready to take on some monsters?!

Download Free Heroes Vs. Monsters Here… (iTunes link)

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