Track Drone Attacks Through Your iPhone

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iphone droneIf you have an inkling of a tech geek in your interior you would be well aware of the practice of cell phone tracking and iPhone tracking in this day and age. However, a New York University graduate has created an app which would notify the users whenever a drone is within proximity of the cell phone, even though Apple has been vying to shoot down this particular maneuver.


Begley, the maker of the said app, which is called Drones +, wanted to make a simple app to deliver a push notification whenever there’s a drone strike. Considering the ubiquity of drone wars and its hidden nature, this app could be a priceless nugget in war-stricken areas. Imagine the Taliban in Afghanistan and the North Western part of Pakistan warriors ‘equipped’ with this app in their potential iPhones and being regularly alerted about the US drone attacks – this is exactly the sort of talk that Apple does not want to be associated with at all.


Begley came up with his very first app for iPhone courtesy of information aggregated from the database of Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The app works in such a way that whenever there is a report of a drone strike there is a notification that is accompanied by a pop-up text message. Google Maps show the location and then there is an option of more details as well.

Drones+ was twice rejected initially by the Apple hierarchy on technical concerns, after the app was first submitted to the California-based iPhone, iPad, and iPod makers, Cupertino and also Macintosh computers in July this year. The third rejection came at the tail end of last month, after Apple categorically told Begley that the app wouldn’t be allowed in Apple’s official App Store, because the content was obviously objectionable. And who’d blame Apple, since merely the word drone is enough to instigate a violent protest in the volatile South Asian region; while for the Americans it is never the most pleasing of prospects to associate anything with the Taliban, terrorism or war in general.


It goes without saying that the parrying away of his app was a heartrending experience for Begley, who’d been vying to follow up cell phone tracking with an unparalleled drone tracking app, which would have had been an instant global hit. This is especially true since the primary purpose of the app is the aggregation of news reports – the long term design was to cater to Journalistic needs. And while obviously it is a lot more controversial and is generating more hullabaloo than an average Joe iPhone tracking app, the safe money was on not many people outside the Journalistic realm downloading the app. No one would really want to know when a drone might strike.

The word is that Begley is now trying to come up with a Drones+ version that would cater to the smart phones that would cater to the Android software, which is Google backed. This might not be a bad idea at all, if Apple isn’t that comfortable with the idea of this app hogging their App Store, someone else might be willing to take that leap of faith.

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