Top Ten Coolest iPhone Cases of 2012!

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iPhone cases 2012I decided to start out 2012 on the right foot, and treat myself to a new iPhone 4S. I will tell you, the phone is amazing! It’s like a computer in your hand! And despite all it’s advanced uses, you don’t need to take computer classes to learn how to use it.

Siri, I asked, how can I carry you around safely, whilst not hiding your beautiful design? These are some of the options she helped me come up with.

Pico Genie A100

This case might not be the quirkiest or the sleekest, but it has perhaps the most interesting tech feature of any 4S case out there. The case actually transforms the phone into a projector, allowing you to transfer your iPhone’s picture to the nearest wall for group viewing.

Case Mate Barely There

Don’t want to hide the sleek lines of your 4S behind a big rubber box? The Case Mate Barely There is so slim you’ll (almost) forget your phone is wearing anything at all.

InCase Perforated Case

This snap on shell case is hardy enough to protect your beloved device from a fall out of the pocket, but not too big. The perforated look is a neat design that says “stylish” without being too bright or overdone.

Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty

Are you a real warrior rather than the urban variety? Than you may need a case that offers a little more protection. The Griffin Extreme Duty can withstand perhaps any type of normal and not-so-normal everyday use, from a fall off a bike to a throw by a toddler.

Incipio Feather

On the other end of the spectrum from the Survivor, the Feather is fashioned from a special ultralight polymer. The case is less than 1 millimeter thick and adds negligible weight to your phone. Beware, however—this probably isn’t a great case for the especially butterfingered.

Case Mate ID/Credit Card Slim Case

Are you the type who gets annoyed when you have to load up your pockets with both a phone and a wallet? Until they have online ID cards, you should get yourself this Case Mate case. Stash your important cards behind your phone and lighten up your load. It fits two cards and leaves access to all the phone ports.

Incase Snap Battery Case

I perennially forget to charge my phone, yet I can barely navigate the street without it. Luckily there’s this snap battery case, for when you need that extra battery boost. My favorite thing about the case is that it’s surprisingly small—I never have to take it off to put the iPhone on my stereo port or to use my chargers. The case itself isn’t as heavy duty as some others however, so keep that in mind if you’re hard on your phone.

BoxWave True Bamboo Case

Art Colleges recommend this case for true design junkies. If you’re looking for a case that tries to stand out with good design rather than blend in, this is an excellent option. The two snapping pieces provide clean lines and sturdy protection.

BookBook Case

Bookworms, this one’s for you. Conceal your phone as a small tome, while keeping all the features and ports accessible.

CaseMate Creatures

Some people have an inexplicable urge to make their phone into a cute animal, and I can get behind that. From Pandas to Monkeys to Frankensteins, CaseMate has you covered.

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