Top iPhone Apps for Your Car!

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Saying that apps are popular is an understatement. ‘There’s an app for that’ has become a very true catch phrase; if you want it, you can find an app for it. Some of the coolest top iPhone apps available are for your car. Whether they help you avoid speed traps or figure out what song is playing on your radio, you can most definitely find an app for that! Below is a list of our favorites:


Have you ever felt that gut sinking feeling while flying by a cop with a radar gun on the side of the highway? If so, the Trapster app is for you. The app will send you both a visual alert and an audible tone when you are approaching a speed trap, allowing you plenty of time to ease up on the gas pedal before you get busted. Download


Are you the person in the mall parking lot with your keyless remote held high above your head, mashing the panic alarm until it sounds and you can locate your car? With G-Park, you’ll never have to embarrass your friends again! Park, get out and hit the ‘Park’ button and you’re all set. When you’re ready to find your car, hit ‘Where did I park?’ and the app will give you directions to your vehicle’s parking spot. Download


We don’t recommend using the Netflix app while you’re driving, but if you can listen to a movie and pay attention to the road, it’s a great app. Perhaps more tailored to the passengers in your car, the app allows you to stream instant movies to your iPhone and view them over its vast 3G network. We love it for the kids in the back seat whose constant cries of ‘are we there yet?’ are quelled by the wide variety of children’s movies on the app. Download

Pocket Parking Meter

Driving in the city no longer has to be avoided simply because you keep getting dinged by the meter police. You can now park with abandon knowing that your phone will alert you to your pending meter expiration. Simply park your car, feed the meter and tap the app. The app will instantly begin counting down the time left on your meter. Download

TuneIn Radio

The TuneIn app works with your cars AM or FM radio frequencies allowing you to listen to any one of over 40,000 radio stations. You’re no longer tied to the dozen stations that your car’s radio can pick up! Sick of listening to commercials only to find that the next station is running commercials at the same time? With the sheer number of stations available on TuneIn, you may never have to suffer through a radio advertisement again! Free | Pro

Tom Tom

The price is steep at $99, but if you’re thinking of purchasing a GPS unit anyway, why not just convert your iPhone? For about $50 less than a Tom Tom unit, you can eliminate the need for an extra gadget taking up room in your glove box. The app will recommend the fastest route, allow you to head to destinations based on your contacts list, and the best of all? You don’t need a mobile signal for the app to work properly. Download

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