Top iPhone 7 Concept

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iPhone 7 conceptApple iPhone 7 release date is closing in, as we enter June now. It is much expected that the iPhone 7 will be launched in September, at the Apple’s annual WWDC event 2016. Alot of rumors are already floating on the internet about the new iPhone, showing how the new phone will look like or trying to imagine how it will look.

ConceptiPhone has made few looks of the new Phone, and it has gone viral on YouTube. We have captured it in Gifs….

Here are the expected features that the new iPhone 7 will have….

 1: iPhone 7 new thinner design

iPhone 7 thinner design

2: Water Resistant iPhone 7

water resistant iphone 7


3: iPhone 7 AMOLED Display

iphone 7 display screen

4: iPhone 7 Bluetooth AirPods by Beats

iphone 7 Bluetooth airpods beats

5: Inductive ChargingPad iPhone7

Inductive ChargingPad iPhone7

charging pad for iphone 7

6: Force Touch Home Button with Taptic Engine

force touch home button iphone 7

7: iPhone 7 Bottom View (speakers and charging jack)

iphone 7 bottom view

8: iPhone 7 Real look in comparison with predecessors

iphone 7 real look

9: iPhone 7 Colors

iphone 7 colors

10: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus




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