Top Five iPhone Sports Apps!

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For all those guys who are sportsmen or like sports very much; Here are the top five sports apps for your iPhone

1. Paper Football 3D by Jirbo, Inc.

This application allows you to play paper football across the table. You can also play it in kick mode until you become exhausted. This application is actually a 3D based one and so you are sure to enjoy this new version. You can play both as a single player or multi player wherein you can challenge your friends to compete with you. This application allows you to stay away from getting frustrated which mostly occur due to the conflicting touch screen input. The Classic Kick Mode is back, yet the new feature allows you to submit your all time best scores and margin worldwide. Download

2. PlayUp – Where Sport Gets Social by PlayUP USA

This application permits you to be familiar with live scores of over 20,000 games held in a year’s time. You can connect to your friends and message them in real time for free of cost. You can either generate your own private room to chat with your friends or stick to any public discussion. Facebook integration is possible and so you are allowed to invite your friends on Facebook to become a part of this application. This application includes various sporting actions such as NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, College football & basketball. Cricket, Soccer and Rugby are some of the other sports that has been added to this application. Download

3. Bungee Stickmen+ By Poulet Maison Ptd Ltd

You can make the stickman dive and bounce by calculating the rope length. Be careful to get the stickman close to the level of the ground or else they might splat. Every stage has 5 levels in total and every level gets harder when compared to the previous one. The Bungee Stickmen+ has parameters of actual physics to allow the stickman to bounce, dive & splat in a realistic manner. You will get three jumps to achieve the target points of the level. You will acquire points when the stickmen comes closer to the ground, however if he hits the ground, you will lose points. Download

4. ScoreMobile by The Score

This application provides real-time scores in various sporting actions, statistics of the players, previews of the game, recaps, schedules and standings in the league and lots more. You are bound to get free Push alerts about goals, quarter ends, and important moments of any particular game with disregard to your location. These alerts are incorporated into the iOS5 notification center too. The live coverage of this app comprises of CFL, NFL, NHL, NCAA, NBA, NASCAR, Formula 1, EPL/Premier League, UEFA Champions, PGA, ATP, WTA and lots more. Live Blogs feeds and Twitter feeds present in this app helps you to make full use of the social networking sites. Download

5. ESPN Bowl Bound 2011 by ESPN

This application allows you to stay tuned to the latest updates of your favorite sports. You can customize the app to store your favorite team and obtain latest news, stats, photos, tweets and videos for all the FCS and FBS programs. Bowl Bound 2011 allows you to watch live games by streaming the via Watch ESPN mobile application. You will get to see highlights of a particular game or a particular individual, video analysis of ESPN and interviews of coaches and top players. You can make use of the Conversation aspect to have a chat with college football fans too. Download

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