Top 5 Games For iPhone Users!

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top iphone gamesGaming on phones has gone to a completely new level, with new games coming in the market everyday, and more and more people demanding interesting games to help them get some fun and entertainment during leisure time. Most of these gamers are owners of Smartphones, whose devices support games with good graphics, and give a great experience. Among these users, many are iPhone owners, who love the features of the iOS, and how it supports various games.

Here are some of the games, which an iPhone user must have.

Temple Run

temple run iphoneThis one is by far the craziest chase game ever for a smartphone, which makes the player use his device to the maximum. Not only does the touch screen help in the quick moves of the game, but also the tilting of the phone on the sides creates unique movements. There are a lot of levels and tasks to finish off, making it quite addictive in nature. The latest version of this game is inspired from the Disney Pixar film Brave, and is filled with lovely graphics.

Angry Birds Space

angry birds spaceAfter the immense popularity that the original version of the game saw, this new version comes up with even more interesting graphics and features, making gamers realize that their strategies and movements matter even more when these little angry creatures are out in the space. Though the game has had some glitches in terms of consistency, it is quite interesting to play on an iPhone, thanks to the screen quality and the touch sensitivity the phone has.

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninjaThis game requires full concentration and quick movements, both of which can be supported with the strength that an iPhone holds in terms of its make. This means that moves are crisper, and the fruits get sliced with the right amount of touch. The colorful game has many different kinds of options, like arcade, timed etc. for playing, with nice bonuses coming as Star Fruits. It’s a good time-pass game, which is loved by all age groups, especially kids.

Subway Surfers

subway surfersAgain a chase game, only much brighter and colorful in terms of appearance! It’s probably not the one with the most intricately detailed graphics, but it takes tap movements well on an iPhone, and has medium level challenges for light-hearted gamers. The protagonist is running away from a cop, who is basically chasing him, and the whole game is about the kid running on and around trains and tracks, collecting coins, and crossing levels.


bejweled iphoneThis game comes with an interesting twist for iPhone users with the Diamond Mine mode, giving immensely satisfying explosions, and a lot more fun and adventure. It’s a must for those who like to go beyond the conventional format to have some more of digging fun. The color and sound of the game is definitely worth applauding!

Apart from these A-listers, there are also plenty of other games that iPhone users can enjoy via the Game Centre, which has games from almost all categories and genres. The app store has many more recommended picks coming in on a weekly basis.

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