Top 3 Theatre iPhone Apps You Should Consider Using

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top theatre iphone appsTheatre audience today could be a lot wider than it is at this time, and there are a lot of ways to do broaden the audience. The number of people that would like to go to theatres on a regular basis but are prevented from doing so is on the constant rise, but in reality it should be decreasing, as the reasons why people choose not to go to theatres can be easily taken care of. For instance, people often opt out of going to theatre due to the fact that there is too much going on the theatre stage. There are many great plays, and for a beginner in this field choosing one of these might be overwhelming. When it comes to a solution for this problem, there are many iPhone apps that offer some kind of a guide to help new theater enthusiasts learn the basics. One or more apps in this field will help build knowledge, and a quite extensive one, in regard to theatres – they’ll offer general information, plays’ synopses, and so forth.

Broadway World.combroadway iphone

If you know theatre, then you have probably heard about Broadway World, if not became a loyal user regularly browsing the site. This is the largest site on the Internet that deals with the topic of theatre. Creating an iPhone app was only a logical move for this site, and there are many users today who enjoy the benefits that are associated with the app. Namely, Broadway World app has a very practical feature that it is to suggest a Broadway show based on users’ preferences. Get App

At the Boothat the booth

Despite the fact that this app isn’t actually free, many people gave this app a thumbs up. At first glance, At the Booth doesn’t seem to be anything more than ordinary. However, there are some features regarding this app that you’ll simply adore. As it has already been mentioned, At the Booth app will cost you a rather small amount of money, and in return, the app might help you save some money. It will give you an insight on TKTS ticket discounts, as well as tell you how long the line is. Knowing whether the line is long or not can save you a lot of time, but you should not forget the biggest advantage provided by this feature – getting to the most exclusive theatre plays. The app, to your surprise, goes even beyond all of this, giving you the information about the restaurants nearby, in case you decide to enjoy a meal after or before a great theatre play. Get App

NYC Artsnyc arts

Finally, there is another app for your iPhone that you should consider using – NYC Arts. This app is intended to help people notice all the art in the New York City, and this includes theatres. What most users find helpful regarding this app is that it can help them locate a theatre nearest to them. This being said, the NYC Arts app should definitely find its place on your list – it is well worth a try. Get App

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