Top 10 iPhone Apps for Saving Money With Business Travel!

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iphone money saving appsThe cost of business travel have not subsided in recent years, but the need to travel more has increased. Many businesspeople find themselves having to travel on a budget, but without the resources to do so. Fortunately, the iPhone has apps to make the trips safer, easier and cheaper on business travelers. These are the top 10 business travel iPhone apps work in different ways to help.

The Personal Assistant

Business travelers can benefit from these with new apps that work like personal assistants to organize all facets of your trip. The TravelTracker Pro is the most comprehensive. It organizes the entire trip from the tickets, reservations, and expenses to the travel rewards you earn and even the local weather. The app is easily updated through the website (TripIt Pro – Free). Expensify is an app that helps you keep track of travel expenses alone. It offers an easy format to log mileage, receipts and bills. You can also scan in the original documents using your iPhone camera. The app produces expense reports that you can send wherever you are. TripDoc is another personal assistant-style organizer that focuses on your travel itinerary. The app lets you log in your intended stops. Then It helps you find the best route and anything nearby your stops that you may need. You can even store information about favorite places in a town for the next trip.

The Concierge

Business travelers are often too busy to book things for themselves, but many cannot afford a personal concierge. The iPhone apps for that can take small tasks like calling a cab and making dinner reservations off the to-do list for any business trip.Taxi Magic calls the cab for you and allows you to watch the cab as it makes its way to your location. The app also allows you to charge your credit card for the ride, reducing the need to carry a lot of cash. OpenTable books reservations to nearby restaurants, after helping you locate the perfect place with a spot open for you. Don’t show up to an eatery without a reservation again.

The Work Desk

Things happen during business trips that may make it hard to spend a lot of time completing that big presentation. Keypoint is the app to the rescue, turning your iPhone into a virtual workdesk. Keypoint allows you to create a slide presentation that you can send out as a PDF. You can work on it while standing in line, while sitting in a cab in traffic and while waiting out yet another airline delay.

The Social Secretary

Staying connected at home is important to any business traveler. Keep in touch with your office using Yammer. This iPhone app is designed to keep the business traveler abreast of any developments and other communications that may pop up in the office. It is a social network of its own that is free to businesses.

The Personal Advantage

The final two apps for business travelers give the advantage in new locations. Trapster alerts driving travelers to speed traps, traffic cameras and emergencies that affect traffic in the chosen route. The app alerts the driver as they approach. Babelingo is best used in foreign countries. Instead of trying to bargain with a merchant like a tourist, you can use the local lingo. Babelingo gives you the most common keywords and phrases to use in 11 languages to help you have a safe and cost-effective trip.


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