The Latest iPhone 5 Rumors

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iphone 5 Apple is promising the long-awaited iPhone 5 this year, 2012. After all the speculation surrounding the device last year, more details have become quite clear about the next flagship smartphone to be released by the Cupertino, California company. There are certain features the 5 will have that are of great excitement and anticipation, particularly because they have not been included in previous generations of the phone.

A mystery surrounding the next flagship phone by Apple is the release date. It remains to be seen whether the company will unveil it in June or in October. While it was customary for a June release with all the phones dating back to the original phone to the 4, the 4S was not released until October last year. With that in mind, it seems feasible that the next device may be released in either of those months. On the other hand, Apple could pull a swerve and unveil it sometime in between, in July, August or September.

New Sleek Design

The iPhone 5 is expected to have a completely new design from the previous two versions. This is said to be mandatory because it will sport a four inch screen, whereas all prior generations had a display that was only 3.5 inches. Keeping with the tradition Apple has held onto since 2010, the smartphone will feature an incredible Retina display and high resolution screen, although designers will have their work cut out for them to compensate for the extra half-inch.

Durable Screen

Aside from the screen, another form factor change will occur in the next flagship Apple smartphone. It has been said for over a year now that the new device will see the elimination of the glass back and that metal will replace it. Whether this will result in an aluminum or liquid metal uni-body remains to be seen. Apple will also be doing away with its typical 30-pin dock connector, which means that if you own a dock of any kind, it will not be compatible with your next device.

Faster Mobile Browsing

Another new feature to be found in the next Apple smartphone is 4G LTE capability, which means far quicker Internet connection and downloading speeds. This is something that has garnered a lot of excitement and anticipation. Individuals who originally leaned toward Apple turned to Android devices because of 4G connectivity, so it’s a good bet that chances are they will go back after the release of the iPhone 5.

New Processor 

The 4S included a brand new chip in the A5, which was originally used in the iPad 2. The 5 is expected to include a different processor, though it is currently unknown whether it will be the A5X that was introduced with the new iPad or if it will be a brand new A6 chip. Logically speaking, it appears that the next phone will sport the latter as it will surely include the future iOS 6 operating system. In any case, Tim Cook will no doubt make announcements about this and other things to expect in the iPhone 5 at the WWDC in June.

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