The iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – Each Phone Tested and Reviewed

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iphone 5 vs galaxy s3When the iPhone entered the market many customers were very disappointed. However, it has of course still been commercially successful. Although, it had all the criticism the iPhone sales figures are still outstripping the Samsung S3.


The iPhone came in for a lot of negativity when it entered the market with a bang. There were reports of problems with cracking and issues with the map service. Samsung have been reported to be ridiculing the iPhone map service with captions such as “get a nav. that you can trust.

It does indeed seem that the innovations of the iPhone 5 have been limited. Their biggest change over the iPhone 4 is that the new device is longer and taller, with a 4 inch diagonal screen instead of a 3.5 inch one. It is hardly going to set the world on fire. However, it looks like the iPhone 5 will hit 45 million sales in the 4th quarter of this year and that equates to almost 500,000 per day. This is astonishing considering the relatively negative reviews.


The Samsung smartphone had been successful, but not in the same ball park as the iPhone. Time magazine recently voted it as the best gadget of 2012 and it is easy to see why. It is an incredible phone that probably trumps the iPhone on most areas for those who approach the comparison with no bias.


The iPhone 5 clear has benefited from the massive fan base that Apple has built over the last decade or so. With phones like this Samsung and the HTC DROID DNA getting better and better it seems that Apple are going to have to increase their innovation to continue their success. It is amazing the power of a successful brand though.

So your choice between these two phones is not just about specs and features. It is an emotional decision. It is about what you want your friends seeing you carrying. If you are in a techie bunch you will probably go for the Samsung and impress them with your decision to go for what is probably just about the best phone out there. If you are from a “normal” group you will probably want the iPhone 5, and will get excited just by the idea of it as much as by the phone itself.

Wit Christmas fast approaching there are going to be millions of phones bought. Which of these two phones is best in your opinion?  It is a difficult decision to make as there is the “impress factor” as well as specifications and usability. I’d love to hear the views of others.

Phil Turner thinks Apple will go the way of RIM. RIM’s Blackberry was innovative, then the company stopped development; Apple is following the same product development path. The latest model is not a substantial advance on the iPhone 4s, which itself was only a slight development of the previous model.

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