The Best Banking Apps For Your iPhone

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banking apps for iphoneIn the age of digital commerce and online banking, it should seem perfectly reasonable to start banking on your smartphone as well. Unfortunately, however, things are by no means that simple. For one, some experts still consider banking on your iPhone as too insecure at the moment. Others are implicitly advising you to wait until a facial or fingerprint ID system for mobile banking takes hold. Yet others are presenting you with pages filled with (sensible) iPhone banking security advice intended to ward off criminal minds looking for your money. As review after review are demonstrating, most banking apps are simply not yet up to the task, being either inconvenient and fiddly or insecure and dangerous. There are exceptions, however. The following three banking apps should be both easy to use and protect your assets from unwanted attacks.

Mint iPhone banking app

Technology website lifehacker, who also did an excellent overview of the app, claimed that only four weeks after its introduction, the Mint banking app already boasted 50,000 members and $2 billion of assets. The reason for this rare case of instant trust is the fact that Mint has taken mobile banking into the 21st century. Contrary to most other iPhone banking apps, Mint is both easy to understand thanks to an incredible graphic interface tailor-made for the mobile market, as well as powerful, offering users anything from insightful visual presentations of their data to setting up and supporting a budgeting plan. There are still some disadvantages to Mint, many of which relate to importing and exporting data (the latter of which is not yet possible). But these drawbacks hardly make the app any less attractive. No wonder respected websites like this is money count it as among the UK’s best iPhone banking apps available today. Get App

Personal Assistant Premium

Pageonce’s Personal Assistant Premium is not just a banking app. It’s really, as the name already indicates, a fully functional financial organisation tool allowing you to, as Pageonce iPhone banking website indicates, pay your bills on the fly, track your money and sync all of your transactions with your personal calendar. Since the company was already set up in 2007, it has several years of experience to its credit and it shows: Today, the Personal Assistant Premium is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, financial management tool on the market. Android Tapp, in its review of the iPhone banking app, considered it “an awesome way to integrate, manage and keep track of your personal and financial accounts in one convenient place”. Laptop magazine deemed Pageonce’s iPhone banking app “the best way to tell, at a glance, how much money you’ve spent and have left” and this was only in 2010, when the app was still clearly less functional. Get App

First Direct

Although iPhone banking apps directly affect their core business, banks have not been among the first adapters of the technology. Partly, this has had to do with well-founded security concerns. More of it, however, has been down to a lack of understanding of the mobile medium. You can still tell this from how the apps of many banks still seem to be designed for laptops rather than smartphones. First Direct’s iPhone banking app has been one of the few laudable exemptions. Among the UK’s first iPhone banking apps to allow customers to actually make transactions rather than just helping them find their way to the nearest branch office, the application has quickly gained plenty of supporters. This is not to say that it’s perfect, as you won’t actually be able to carry out all transactions on your iPhone. But at least, you can now transfer money between accounts and make payments. Get App

One of the wisest choices in any case is to select your bank with mobile banking already in mind. Its importance is only likely to increase over the next years, after all.

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