Ten Best iPhone Apps for Foodies

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iphone apps for foodiesAvid iPhone users do not think of their phones as a device on which to simply make calls and send texts. The iPhone has become a tiny personal assistant with the ability to produce information on virtually any subject, at any time, from anywhere. And the kitchen, grocery store and dining table have not been left behind.

There are literally hundreds of apps designed around the busy cook, the expert chef, the shopper, the entertainer, the restaurant-goer, the health nut. The list goes on forever. Think about all you may want to do that is food or recipe related: find recipes, dinner ideas or conversions, set a timer for your soufflé, organize your grocery lists and coupons. It can also be great for organizing lists for the grocery store, finding the closest farmers market, pairing a good wine with your entrée…you get the idea.

If you’re a foodie, or if you aspire to be one, here are 10 can’t miss apps to download today.

1. Dinner Spinner

all recipes iphoneIf you can’t find a recipe here, it may not exist. The Dinner Spinner enables you to search for recipes by particular ingredients or keywords or, for fun, you can give your phone a shake and let the spinner do the work for you!  Or you can plug in the type of dish you want to make, say “dessert” or “appetizer,” or even how much time you have to prepare it and the spinner will offer all matching recipes in its database. Free | Pro

2.   Food Network

food network iphoneFind all the newest recipes by your favorite Food Network chefs, watch video tutorials or even back episodes of your favorite Food TV shows. You can of course search for recipes by ingredient, occasion, etc. and share with your friends. Get App

3.   Grocery IQ

grocery IQThis app can help even the most disorganized person build and manage a grocery list. Search for and add items to your list manually or by scanning barcodes, share lists with others, sort items by aisle, and more. Get App

4.   Food Substitutes

food substitution How many times have you been mid-recipe and realized you were out of an ingredient? This handy app will come to the rescue with answers for what to substitute when you need, but do not have, fontina cheese, cake flour, clarified butter…you get the idea. Get App

5.   Tap Grocer

tap grocer iphoneThis is another grocery list app, but it goes a bit farther. This one is handy because you can track what you have on hand at home—your own pantry and refrigerator inventory. When you run out of something and mark it, it will automatically be added to your grocery list. When you purchase it next and cross it off, it is flagged as stocked. Get App

6. Epicurious

epicurious appMost foodies will recognize Epicurious as a go-to resource for fine food and drink. Now you can browse recipes from an enormous database containing tens of thousands of options that include Gourmet and Bon Appetit recipes, too. You can create shopping lists directly from the recipes and share recipes and ideas with friends. Get App

7. Cook’s Illustrated

cook's illustrated This snazzy app is like a mobile cookbook filled with mouth-watering recipes for virtually any occasion. There is a shopping list feature, a timer built-in to each recipe, and video tutorials to show you how it’s done. Get App

8. Locavore

locavore appIt is becoming increasingly popular for the health-conscious to find and consume locally grown, in-season food. This app automatically detects where you are and displays which foods are in season there, as well as any locally-grown vendors or farmer’s markets near you. Get App

9. How to Cook Everything

how to cook everythingYou may be familiar with this recipe book (by the same name) by kitchen guru Mark Bittman. The app is super-easy to use, has tons of options and handy features like a recipe timer and a shopping list builder. Get App

10. Urbanspoon

urbanspoon iphone Even the most passionate chefs want to take a break, see what else is out there, draw inspiration, and just let someone else do the work from time to time! This app will locate restaurants wherever you are. Search by location, type of cuisine, price, or view a list of all restaurants in the area. Get App

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