Temple Run For iPhone – The Most Adrenaline Packed Game of The Year!

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temple run iphoneFrom the creators of the award winning best seller Harbor Master, comes the most adrenaline packed game of the year, Temple Run for iPhone. The constant action filled game, where you must play a character who has just stolen a prized jewel from an ancient temple, happens to be one of the top 50 most downloaded apps and is also one of the top grossed iOS apps. With an app with such success, you have to believe that it is as engaging as it sounds. If not well then maybe you should try the game for yourself.

Temple Run was released on August 24, 2011 for the iOS platform and in the first three days of being released it managed to rack in one million downloads. It was once listed under a dollar, but now you get the game free, also on Android as was released for it two months ago. Now everyone can enjoy the chase on both platforms.

temple run for iphoneIn the game, you are able to choose between to seven different explorers who all have somehow found themselves in the temple and who will all take the temple’s precious treasure. You can keep the default explorer or choose Barry Bones the cop, or even Scarlett Fox for female players. With all, you can expect the same outcome as they all sprint from the temple running for their lives with grueling looking monkeys behind their tails. Use your fingers to save your characters life, swiping them across the screen to have them slide under fire or jump over the bridge to get to the other side. The game does pick up speed, and relies on your own reflexes to keep your explorer alive. If you happen to make one mistake, it could be your last – the game isn’t very forgiving!

It is easier said than done, as the game is quite addictive. Don’t forget to catch coins to gain power ups, which can help you in your escape. Though the game, developed by Imangi Studios is extremely engaging, without a plot it can be exceedingly repetitive. Whenever you play, you are playing to run as far as you can, but you never reach a check point or have a goal. There are no levels as well, so for as long as you can play, you explorer and constantly running. But that happens to be the games only flaw.

For something to do in your spare time, Temple Run is a great game to play. It gives the players a competitive edge as they strive to get their character as far away from the monkeys as they can without running into the water or even a tree. Do you think you’ll be able to keep up?

Download Temple Run from App Store here

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