Sleep Sounds Recorder for iPhone Released at the App Store!

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sleep sounds recorder for iphoneLooking for a mix of Alarm Clock, recorder and sound machine, well here’s “Sleep Sounds recorder” app for iPhone released by Viaden Mobile.The app is really good for those who used to wake up on alarms, because it provides you with a combined effect of alarm, recorder and sound machine. So while sleeping if you snore or sleep talk, the app will record all the sounds that you’ll produce, thus helping you study your sleeping behavior.

Once something is recorded you can share it to social networks or send by email to your friends, just to make fun. Sleep Sounds Recorder has 3 operation modes: alarm, record and record + alarm to suit different needs and lifestyles. It also stores sleep data: the time when you go to bed and wake up, and all the sounds as separate tracks for an unlimited period of time.

It also has over 100 wake-up and chillout tunes and nature sounds for pleasant falling asleep and easy wake-up.

Pricing and Availability:

Sleep Sounds Recorder 1.0 is available for iOS devices for just $0.99 USD under the utility section of the App Store.

Download Sleep Sounds Recorder ( iTunes link)

sleep sounds recorder iphone app

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