Six Terrific Summertime Apps for iPhone!

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summertime apps for iphoneAs summertime eases into its latter half, thoughts still turn toward vacations, cook-outs and picnics. Rest assured, these leisure activities will not cause iPhones to be left at home, so use their capabilities to your advantage: Here are some great summertime apps to inform, aid, remind and simply entertain.


grill it iphone appWhat could be more useful for the backyard gourmet than an iPhone app specifically for grill masters?

Version 2.6 offers food categories for your own or the weekly recipe offering. Choose from beef, poultry, pork, burgers and dogs, vegetables, fish and even starters and side-dishes, all prepared on the outdoor grill. Never get stuck for something new or different when manning the grill, with or without spousal permission.

This iPhone app costs only $0.99. Get App


petcentric iphonePet lovers will adore this free app for iPhone users. Regardless of the season, find pet-friendly locations, restaurants and even stores in your area or near your holiday destination.

Purina developed this very handy app, so you can rely upon its information. And don’t forget: It’s free! Get App

Coppertone MyUVAlert(tm)

coppertone myuv alert appWho better to help protect your skin and health than Coppertone? This free app for iPhone models notifies you of local UV index forecasts and even when it’s time to add more sunscreen if you wish. Based on your product use, this app can also notify you of available products, give coupons and gives general sun protection information.

No, you’re not required to use Coppertone to get this app for free, so breathe easily. Get App


fandango iphone appOften times, when you visit a new area – or even if you’re in your home territory, finding a good movie to go see or where the theater is can be somewhat of a hassle. Search in vain for the Entertainment section of a local paper no more: Fandango, the famous online movie theater guide, developed a free app for iPhone users.

Simply add your zip code and choose the title, time and location, and you’re on your way to watch that movie you’ve been waiting for. Get App

Gas Buddy

gas buddy iphone imageTens of thousands don’t approach the number of people who use and like Gas Buddy. Don’t pay more for gasoline as you drive hither and yon. Download and activate this free iPhone app before you start your next commute or your cross-country trip. Gas Buddy will track your route and notify you of gas prices in the area or at your next stop.

Pay nothing for the tool that helps you pay less at the pump – Not a bad idea, is it? Get App

Smoothies Recipes

smoothies recipes iphone appSmoothies recipes app costs $1.99 for the iPhone. Find within this app 120 smoothie recipes that refresh and soothe. Because the recipes are loaded directly into the app, you don’t have to waste your available bandwidth to access or view them. Simple open the app, scroll, read, and choose. That’s all there is to it. Get App


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