Seven Best iPhone Apps for MBA Students!

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best iphone apps for mba studentsRather than simply using your iPhone apps for entertainment, use them for something useful like helping you complete your MBA. Not all apps are created equal and some are downright useless. However, there are those apps that you will find indispensable while in graduate school. Here are a few best iPhone apps that receive rave reviews among MBA students:

iWork: Pages, Numbers & Keynote

This suite of apps is perfect for document creation. Streamline the creation process by combining these three applications in one. Brochures and resumes receive a professional touch on Pages, data organization is easily achieved on Numbers, and flow charts and diagrams are a breeze with Keynote. When you are done with your presentation, share all or part of your files with anyone you choose. Download Pages | Numbers | Keynote


Not only is Skype handy for keeping in touch with friends and family at home, it’s a great application for study groups, meetings with professors and instant messaging. Compatible with both 3G and WiFi, the Skype app can also serve as a way to call mobiles and landlines without eating through your cellular plan’s minutes. If you don’t want your study group to see you in your PJ’s, just turn off your webcam! Download Skype


As an MBA student, you need quick access to all things financial. This app gives you an easy way to keep up-to-date with the latest news and market analysis. Do you need to monitor developments in a certain market? The app gives you that capability. Impress your professors with your vast array of financial knowledge! Download Bloomberg

Pocket MBA: Learning Studio

Use this app as a supplement to your coursework. This professional-level course will give you the understanding of all things business. From market influences to crisis scenarios, you’ll find real world examples to aid you in your learning. The app also offers information on general business practices, which will be invaluable once you’ve graduated and are searching for the right job. Download Pocket MBA

Dragon Dictation

It’s not that you’re too lazy to sit down and type, it’s that you simply don’t have the time. No worries! With Dragon Dictation all you have to do is speak into your microphone and the app types your words. Use the app for documents, e-mail, text messages, status updates or even reminders. Even the fastest typists find that the software can increase their productivity by five times. Download Dragon Dictation


Dropbox is an excellent app and website that allows you to store all of your documents, photos and videos in one space. If you lose your zip drive or your laptop crashes, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your hard work. Simply sign into the Dropbox website or open your app and everything will appear before your eyes. It certainly takes the stress out of saving your important documents and presentations. Download Dropbox

Instead of carrying an inches thick dictionary in your bag, download this app containing over 250,000 words. With a quick tap of the screen you can find almost any word you don’t understand. The app contains more definitions than a standard dictionary which makes it not only several pounds lighter but more useful as well. Download Free | Pro

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