Review of HandyLogs Heart for the iPhone!

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handylogs heart iphone appAre you at high risk for cardiovascular disease? Do you have a family history of stroke, high blood pressure or heart attacks? Are you just looking for a way track your attempts at improving your health? HandyLogs LLC has created the HandyLogs Heart app for the iPhone as an inexpensive and convenient way to track your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, exercise routine and blood sugar levels.


HandyLogs Heart allows you to store multiple years of health data on your iPhone, providing you with quick and easy access to this information while you are on the go. You can show it to your family physician or other health care providers during your appointment and input and review the data whenever you have access to your iPhone. Unlike paper forms, which are easy to lose and can be easily damaged, this app allows you to store the data to your phone and also make backups of the data on to help prevent data loss.


Using paper charts can be cumbersome and makes it difficult to track your improvements. However, with HandyLogs Heart, you can not only input data, you can also create graphs to visualize your progress with improving diet, exercise and reducing your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Not only that, you can also easily spot any negative trends and show your family physician, which could be a life saver!

HandyLogs Heart also allows you to track your weight. Do you have an upcoming wedding or another event where you want to lose enough weight to fit into your favorite outfit? HandyLogs Heart can help you plan accordingly to help you lose the excess weight by the event!

This app records systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, pulse rates, total lipid profile including total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides and more! Each entry is time stamped so you can always be sure exactly when the data is recorded.

Do you have a loved one who is supposed to be tracking their health information? This app allows you to check up on family members and friends to ensure they are not only following the doctor’s orders, but also to identify any potentially problematic areas. Of course, you can only access this information if you have permission, since it is stored in a highly secure manner.

Whether you are diabetic or just want to lose weight, this app is great!

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