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iphone unknownOne feature that has been lacking from cell phones is the ability to know who called you if the number is not in your contacts. Although caller ID is making its way to cell phone networks, not all networks are offering the service yet, and not for free. For iPhone users there are apps that perform reverse lookup for the numbers that called you. These apps are helpful to those who want to know whether or not they want to call that person back. Here are a few apps to consider downloading if you want to take out the anonymity of your callers.

Number Guru:

This app was created by the folks at It provides a reverse lookup of numbers that have called you. After you have performed the search, you can also view comments created by other users of the apps to find out exactly what the number wants. For instance if it is a telemarketer, another user may have left a comment about what they are trying to sell. The app covers 100% of landlines, 50% of cell phones, and 100% of telemarketers and 800 numbers. This app is also 100% free. Get App

EveryCall Reverse Lookup:

This is an easy to use app that will identify and find information on telemarketers, Robo-dialers and other annoying phone calls. Unlike other apps that utilize a reverse lookup service, this app uses a database of user contributed information to show who called. In many cases this app will show the most common telemarketers and Robo-dialers, but may lack in residential callers. The primary function of this app is to identify spam callers and report them. Get App

Who That:

This app is free for download, but each search costs $.99 if it provides a result. If the search has no result, you don’t pay. The app searches a database of over 450 million residential and business contacts and will show you the name, address, and sometimes even other household members. It also includes a free area codes search that allows you to type in the 3 digit area code or the city and state to determine where the call is coming from and maybe even figure out who it is. Get App

Getting unknown phone calls is an annoyance that can waste cell phone minutes for those who are not on an unlimited plan. With so many households using their mobile phones as their primary number, it is easy for telemarketers and spam callers to get your number and call. With these apps you can eliminate answering calls from these unwanted callers.

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