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iPhone 4s repsonseApple customers expect to be wowed by every new product release from the computer company, so expectations for the latest incarnation of the iPhone, were high before the device was unveiled in October of this year. Reactions were mixed, with comments at the negative end of the scale expressing disappointment that the 4S is really just a tweak of the iPhone 4, and not a truly next generation model. Apple disappointed customers hoping for the release of the iPhone 5, expected to have a bigger screen and true 4G data capability, by repeating it’s tactic of introducing an intermediate model, as it did in 2009 when it replaced the iPhone 3 with the iPhone 3S. Immediately following the release of the iPhone 4S, there was a lot of complaining across the Apple users community all over the web, on blogs and at places such as at the twitter hashtag  #ifail.

The  principle complaint of 4S users has been frustratingly short battery life, with users complaining that the battery calls it quits after as little as twelve hours. There is some indication that this problem is actually software related, because some owners of the iPhone 4 who have  upgraded to the 4S operating system are now reporting the same problem, as yet however, Apple hasn’t confirmed these reports, much less announced any fix.

On the plus side, the 4S seems to be free of the antenna issue that plagued its predecessor. And truth to tell, the iPhone 4S does have some very cool new features, as well as some cool older ones, like facetime video conferencing and the ultra high resolution display, which were introduced in the iPhone 4, that can still impress first time users of the Apple product.

Among the newer features the most impressive is Siri, the automated voice control system ,  which is part of the new 4S opersting system, iOS5, and which can interpret natural language commands in French and German, as well as English and respond  verbally if desired. Also Siri can be activated just by holding the phone to your head. This feature of the 4S, although still in the beta testing phase, is one Apple counts on being big in the future, at least you get that impression from their advertising.

The iOS5 also features deeper social integration with twitter, improved camera software, and cloud capability. And although the phone isn’t equipped for true 4G capability it does offer improved download speed over the iPhone4, although these will continue to be somewhat better on AT&T than on Verizon.

Although the updated phone might have been a disappointment for some, the Apple customer services are as strong as ever, coming in top of the list in terms of company phone support systems. As usual with Apple consumers, despite some grousing from the connoisseurs, most users are quite happy with the iPhone 4s.

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