Never Forget Anything with Reminders for iPhones!

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reminders for iphoneIt is in human nature to forget. And each of us more than once suffered from this lack. The issue of reminders about some important events of life has been always quite essential. Some people use diaries, someone draws a cross on his arm, but unfortunately the result in these cases remains the same: these ways won’t help to remind you when you need to do something. It is much more convenient to list the cases in an electronic form and let a program remind you about the important to-do tasks and upcoming events you can’t miss. For this purpose you can install on your iPhone one of 3 reviewed below applications used as organizers and reminders.

ABC Notes: stylish colored stickers will remind to do important things!

Price in the AppStore: $ 2.99 | Get App (Free | Pro)

ABC Notes’ developers decided to create an application that will be equally an elegant and customizable, functional and convenient tool serving a sort as a reminder and to-do list manager. ABC Notes basically works like the majority of reminder for iPhones but serves information via bright and colored stickers – electronic cards that can be turned into a wallpaper for your iPhone’s desktop or lock notes iphone

Features of ABC Notes:

  1. A well-designed and eye-catching interface with a large number of backgrounds, skins for stickers, and icons;
  2. Simple and intuitive controls and editing functions like the ability to change size, angle of a font in your notes, etc;
  3. Send your stickers with notes by e-mail;
  4. Insert images into your notes;
  5. Synchronize data between your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad;
  6. Save notes as a screensaver on the screen lock.

If you often have to deal with shopping lists or you just want to keep in mind some important data, ABC Notes is exactly what you need.

VoCal XL: for lazy users who don’t have to leave notes in organizers!

Offered for free in the AppStore | Get App

There are many people who do not use organizers and note applications on iPhone because they do not like to waste time on to-do lists even with push notification system. Some people are just too lazy to do it and some just have no enough time. For those lazy or busy users was developed a great applications VoCal – that works as a voice commands based calendar app with a smart system of reminders.vocal xl iphone

Being a free iPhone app VoCal will let a user record his own reminders for every task he or she needs to do instead of entering the text like regular apps of this kind offer. After recording a message for a reminder a user is free to tie an appointment to the built-in calendar and set up time for receiving a voice reminder.

It is quite easy to record messages, and set date and time by scrolling as well as to choose different sounds for push notifications

HeadFinder: a classic reminder and organizer you will love!

Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99 | Get App

This cheap reminder combines the convenience and simplicity being decorated in the style of sheets of paper saved within the app. Creating of new reminders in HeadFinder is a very simple and clear process. You just enter the title and description of a reminder and set timer for its postponing.

Settings of the program are quite functional flexible. You can set the time interval at which you can quickly move a reminder to set the number of reminders, to include the notification of the missed reminder when you exit the program, indicate the period over which the missed reminders automatically go to the section “executed” as well as enable or disable the ability to choose the date when you create a reminder.headfinder iphone

Advantages of HeadFinder:

  • an appealing design with simple user-friendly interface;
  • an unusual but effective format for timing of reminders;
  • a quite flexible configuration.

Your variants?

I’m sure you have in mind few other reminders for iPhone to offer or at least have an opinion on the ones I have reviewed earlier in this post. Leave your comments with the rating of the mentioned apps and your own variants of reminders that may work better on iPhones.

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