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iphone google appOwning an iPhone means having information at your fingertips. With iPhone’s Safari browser, you can use the Google search bar to access the information you need wherever you are.

But the Google app for iPhone includes a few special features that can make searching even easier, especially on-the-go.

Voice Search

google voice appWhen you open the Google app, you’ll see at the top an icon for a microphone. This allows you to search for a term by speaking into the microphone, instead of having to type it out.

This feature is especially useful if you’re walking or in a hurry — situations when typing can be a hassle. Sometimes the microphone may pick up on your words incorrectly, so be prepared to speak clearly and occasionally repeat your request.

Google Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Google Images can save you a lot of typing.

This feature of the Google app allows you to take a picture of an item and search the web for it. It works best with certain items, such as landmarks, books, logos, wine, artwork and some text.

In other words, if you take a picture of your favorite chair, you’re not likely to find any results. However, if you take a picture of a painting you see in a museum, you may find links to information about the artist, the painting’s history and more.

Convenient Follow-up

One of the coolest things about searching with Google on iPhone is that, once you have your results, you can call a business or find directions with the touch of a button.

Say, for example, you search for storage ny. You’ll see the first few results (which appear under “Places”) are immediately followed by the buttons “Call,” “Directions” and “Website.”

Hitting “Call” opens up the phone function and immediately dials the business’s phone number. Hitting “Directions” opens up Google Maps; if you’ve given Google access to your location, then Google Maps can automatically provide you with directions from your current location to the New York storage facility of your choice.

And, of course, hitting “Website” opens the business’s website (which in many cases is optimized for mobile devices).

Filtering Search Results

If you’re looking for a certain type of result, press on the square Google icon next to your search term in the search box. There you’ll find a drop-down menu of options for limiting your results by certain categories, such as Places, News, Shopping and more.

One interesting option is Discussions, which brings up reviews on sites like Yelp, as well as posts on message boards where people discuss the term in question.

For example, if you search for storage in nj and filter your results by Discussions, then you will see reviews from real users of various self-storage facilities in New Jersey, which may be useful in determining which business you want to use.

Mobile users who are used to searching with Google on their desktops will enjoy the convenient features of the Google app. Well-integrated with the iPhone, the Google app provides the ease iPhone users have come to expect.

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