Looking Into The Best IPhone Apps And Deals

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best iphone dealsOne of the best things about having an iPhone, be it a 4, 4s or even the new 5, is that the App Store is stocked to the brim with hundreds and thousands of fantastic delights, be it for entertainment, productivity or communication. Here are three of the top apps we think deserve your attention. Oh, and did I say they are all free.

Photo Synth

This app is developed by none other than Microsoft. Yes, the one and the same. It’s totally free and has no in-app purchases. Just download it and you are on your way. What this does is allow you to take pictures in sequence then stitch them together. So for example you can stand in the middle of your favourite restaurant and take multiple shots as you rotate 360 degrees, then get Photo Synth to work on it, and voila! It stitches them into a 360 degree panoramic shot. The outcome is amazing.

National Rail Enquiries

This is a handy app to keep a tab on train times. Keep in mind this is a free app, if you want one of the other train time apps, get UK Train times. It’s a lot snazzier, but it’s also a paid app which is why it is not included in this article. The National Rail Enquiries app is great to check times, schedules and prices of all the train routes in the UK.


This is a great free app. It makes all the information of Wikipedia accessible directly from your iPhone screen in iPhone format. You can even use Siri, the voice command assistant, to tell your iPhone to use Wikipedia and find out about a certain topic and the iPhone will search the Wiki and come back with the info you need (if it went away). It will even read it to you if you ask it to.


This is one of my favourites. It resides on my Mac, my iPad and my iPhone. I keep the files on iCloud and whenever I am researching something I just throw everything into Evernote. I almost feel bad that this is a free app. It’s so good and does exactly what I need it to do. I am always tempted to just send them money so that they will come up with more good stuff. This is a winner.

Around Me

This is my final pick for the day. Around Me interfaces with your GPS and figures out where you are, then tells you all the things that you can do, visit or see while you are there. It will look at movie theatres, supermarkets, pubs and even parking structures and pharmacies.

Getting the iPhone

Now that you know all the sweet apps you could fill your iPhone with, let’s see if we can sort out finding an iPhone that’s not going to break the bank. Several phone providers offer line rental plans that make iPhone available to almost everyone. O2, T-Mobile, Orange, and others offer iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and even the latest iPhone 5 at low prices, sometimes even for free when you subscribe to one of their monthly subscription plans. There are many offers to choose from and you should look at the deals to know which is the best iPhone deal for you.

Style and Preference

The most important question you need to ask yourself is which iPhone version is best for you. We all know that iPhone 5 is so far the best iPhone on the market, with its powerful iOS 6, Siri digital assistant application, Apple Maps, 8 MP iSight camera and 4G support, on top of its sharper look and lighter weight.

But do you really need to have the new iPhone 5 or would an iPhone 3GS do? If you do not really need the Siri application or the super advanced photography functions, then the earlier versions would still work. If you are on a really tight budget, consider opting for an iPhone 3GS or, what’s better, the iPhone 4s.


Your usage and style will help you determine which of the best iPhone deals is for you. There are plans that offer iPhones with unlimited texts and/or unlimited data and/or more minutes. The offers come with 50 to 600 minutes of talk; 250 to unlimited texts; and, zero to unlimited data. Of course, higher provisions and allowances go with plans of higher monthly costs and vice versa. You have to know exactly how much of each activity you do for you to choose wisely.

So if you barely use your phone for calls and use it for browsing most of the time instead, then plans with massive or unlimited data allowance are best for you.

Value for Money

Your purchasing power strongly dictates the best iPhone deals available to you and determines which one you should purchase. iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are being offered at very low prices; iPhone 4S is even offered for free in some cases. Some providers like Orange, offer the iPhone 5 for as low as £74.99, and T-Mobile, makes iPhone 5 available to you for only £64.99. The iPhone 4S is offered for free with Orange’s and T-Mobile’s £26.00 line rental plans. However, remember that with less cash upfront, comes higher monthly costs. If you do not have enough disposable cash but are willing to pay more on a monthly basis, the bigger plans are the best iPhone deals for you. They can even be beneficial if you are a heavy phone user, as huge provisions and allowances for calls, tests, and data will be given.

The bottom line is that you shop around for an appropriate deal. Get online or in store and get a contract and you will be sporting the iPhone with little or no money out of your pocket, and spreading the cost over the life of the phone. You don’t have to tie up all your cash up front, but instead can save your money for a weekend break, or better still a deposit for a new car. Don’t you just love credit?

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