The Kalamunda Toyota iPhone App

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kalamunda toyota iphone appThe iPhone has been transforming the way people buy and sell just about every product in the world, from eBay sales of old electronics items to Amazon purchases of the latest books, electronics, and accessories. The automotive industry is being transformed by the iPhone too, as can be seen in the new Kalamunda Toyota iPhone app.

The application was specifically designed to allow easy scheduling of a car service, as well as to provide for a great shopping experience on the go. With a number of great, next-generation features, it’s sure to please prospective car buyers as well as those who have already purchased a Toyota vehicle.

An Intuitive Interface that Everyone Can Use

toyota app for iphoneOne of the problems with many mobile applications for car dealerships and major brands is that they lack usability. All too often, customers download these applications with the best of intentions, only to find that the things they wish to do with the app are too complicated or simply unavailable. Refreshingly, that is just not the case with the Kalamunda Toyota iPhone application.

The application is broken down into several key areas. The first allows prospective Toyota buyers to look at the new and pre-owned vehicles that are currently on the car lot, awaiting their purchase. This is a great way to “window shop” and come to the dealership prepared with the tools, facts, and figures, to make a smart Toyota purchase. While this series of features is perfect for new car owners, though, the application can also be a great resource for those who have already made their purchase.

An Enhanced Vehicle Ownership Experience for Toyota Customers

kalamunda iphone appExisting Toyota vehicle owners can use the Kalamunda Toyota iPhone application to book a service for their vehicle. Using a simple form within the application itself, customers are able to pick the date and time for their car’s drop-off at the dealership. They can also arrange for their preferred pickup time, and customers are able to arrange for a loaner car if they require one. Any services selected during the service scheduling will be available and ready on arrival.

Phone and email contacts for the company are also included, and customers can easily tap either of these things to use the iPhone Mail or Phone applications to contact the dealer. This makes it easy to arrange for more complicated service appointments, or to ask questions about vehicle functions and the best uses of the car after purchase.

Book a Test Drive with the Kalamunda Toyota iPhone Application

Of course; any good iPhone application for a car dealership has to come with a way to book a test drive of Toyota’s industry-leading vehicles. Without fail, the Kalamunda Toyota iPhone app allows customers to do just that. Using a few simple form elements, users of the iPhone app can book the preferred date and time of a test drive, as well as the vehicle model that they would prefer to take for a spin.

In a matter of moments, it’s easy for prospective customers to become informed about the latest new and used vehicles on the lot, and it’s even easier to schedule a test drive of the car. For those reasons, the application should be considered an asset for local salespeople as well as customers who like to make sure that they are optimally informed before they arrive on the lot.

A Great Application for Car Owners

Owning a Toyota is generally a hassle-free experience, and the Kalamunda iPhone app is another way that this reputation is enhanced. With no-hassle scheduling of appointments and service, as well as used and new car listings, the application allows for easy, effortless shopping and contact with the Toyota dealership. There’s no high-pressure sales, no quick decisions, and no inconveniences to be seen iphone app

When it comes to buying or owning a vehicle, the Kalamunda Toyota iPhone application is one of the most refreshing experiences offered at any dealer, or by any major manufacturer and will make your Toyota servicing in Perth easy to organise, at the touch of a button.

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