Is The IPhone5S Epic Enough For A Switch?

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iphone 5sThe iPhone5S is making waves in the tech world and it brings up some important questions. Is the phone actually good enough for you to spend the money on switching even if you have a nice business phone you like now? Here are a few of the pros and cons of the phone and how it matches up against the competition.

Con-No Wireless Charging

A lot of people are saying that wireless charging will be a major trend in the future, and Apple is just ignoring this entirely. Basically this technology works by allowing you to put a special backing on your phone, and then place the phone a metal mat device that will then charge your phone without the need for you to plug anything in at all. For people who are in a hurry and who need their business phones to be easy to grab on the run, this can be a pretty major advantage. The new iPhone doesn’t have support for it though, which can be a bit of a downside when you compare the phone to its competition such as Samsung phones that do have it.

Pro-Fingerprint Identification

One seriously cool trick that the iPhone5S is adding to its bag is the ability to use fingerprint scanning to unlock the phone. All you have to do is press your thumb into the home button during the setup period in order to add your thumb data into the phone, and then you can just press the home button whenever you want your phone to unlock. The new trick will do even more too. You can also use your thumb to pay for stuff on iTunes and in the App store and in iBooks and so on. Just one thumb press and whatever you want to buy from Apple is yours, without all the extra clicking and typing required. This is a pretty new feature and if you really love it enough, it could be worth an upgrade to get it.

Con-No NFC

The “Near field communications” tech uses short-range radio for a few different things. It can help you do instant Bluetooth pairing or let you get “tap and go” payments. The iPhone is continuing to not use this tech for some reason, even though all of its competitors including the HTC One, the Galaxy Note 3 and so on all have it. This means that the iPhone won’t be able to use a lot of mobile payment systems which is definitely kind of a bummer.

Pro-Incredibly Fast

The iPhone is going to feature some pretty mind-blowing technology in terms of speed. The new A7 chip will actually have 64 bits. So basically, it will have pretty much the same capabilities as your desktop computer. As a comparison, Windows 8 uses a 64 bit system. The A7 chip is twice as fast as the previous chip, the A6, as well. This should give you some idea of just how incredibly fast the new phone is going to be and what kind of apps you’ll be able to run on it. It’s like having an entire desktop in your pocket so a lot of business solutions that were originally only for desktops may be come possible with the new iPhone.

Con-No Full HD

Unfortunately, the new iPhone 5s won’t have the ability play full HD content like a lot of its competitors. The One, the GS4 and so on will all have the 1920 X 1080 pixel screens. The iPhone is going without it, and it will only be 4 inches as well. So if you really need the best video phones around for your video conference calls, iPhone probably won’t be the upgrade you need.

One single phone can’t be the best at everything, after all. But the iPhone can be a worthwhile upgrade for people who really want the speed and new security tech like the fingerprint scanner.

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