Is the iPhone 4S the best smartphone yet?

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iphone 4S best smartphoneSales of the iPhone 4S have been record-breaking. Apple released news in the first week after it went on sale in the US and in Europe that over 4,000,000 units had been sold in the first two days it was available making it the most popular smartphone of all time. In the month after its launch, the device has rolled out in new countries including Australia and Hong Kong, suggesting sales figures are even higher than that at the current date.

Some analysts have wondered what is responsible for the high volume of sales. A new 8 megapixel camera, the first to appear on an iPhone, could be a factor. The A5 chip, which also appears in the iPad 2, makes it faster than the iPhone 4, so while in the looks department it may not be too different, under the bonnet there is a great deal more going on. However, other experts believe the phone’s popularity is simple; it’s Siri. The virtual personal assistant made uniquely available on the device has attracted interested from other smartphone users and a greater discussion about voice recognition and activation software on smartphones. The ability of Siri to understand context and its playful use, evidenced by witty responses to more thoughtful questions than “Put a meeting in my diary” or “Call Mom” has proved that the software development has wowed users.

Predictions suggest that, based on the early sales figures, and the increased content and debate surrounding Siri and its capabilities and usage, by the end of December 2011, sales could stand as high as 26 million handsets. In comparison that is just a third of the time it has taken Samsung to sell 30 million Galaxy SIIs.

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