Is Apple about to unleash a totally redesigned iPhone?

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next iphone 5The rumors are buzzing again this week about a tall (longer) iPhone that is still the same width after video from a Japanese Apple fan blog surfaced, seemingly showing the glass panel for the next iPhone.  Anyone who has ever had to repair a broken glass iPhone front screen or rear battery door cover will instantly recognize the part;  it looks like a true OEM replacement panel.

When held up to an authentic current model iPhone, the difference in size is notable as it is disturbing. The iPhone, without widening any at all, appears to have grown taller, resulting in a tall, skinny looking version of basically the same old iPhone we’ve been looking at for years.  Of course, we have yet to get a glimpse of the rest of the phone.  For all we know, it could have an aluminum back plate, or be sealed in Liquid Metal.  We doubt it, but you just never know.

Hopes are high that something will be said about the next iPhone during WWDC next week, although that venue is for highlighting software, not hardware. The last iteration of the iPhone, long expected to be iPhone 5, turned out to be only a minor upgrade and was named iPhone 4S, much to the disappointment of expectant fans. The big selling point of the iPhone 4S was, of course, Siri – a personal digital assistant you could talk to like another human being, and who would find things for you, make appointments on your calendars, call people, send text messages, and more.  Not a bad idea, but Siri didn’t work very well for lots of people.  It certainly wasn’t worth the upgrade price for people who already had the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S didn’t even have support for 4G LTE networks.

If Apple pulls another 4S, it will be the company’s biggest blunder since Lisa. Even the most diehard of Apple fans have been heard complaining about how small and outdated the iPhone now appears when compared with slimmer, sleeker devices powered by Android or Windows Phone. Recently, current Apple CEO Tim Cook said these words, all but dashing the hopes of anyone wishing for an iPhone with a bigger screen:

“One thing is that we’re not fragmented. Look at the percentage of users who upgraded to iOS 5. We have one App Store. We have one phone with one screen size, one resolution. So it’s pretty simple if you’re a developer.”

Does this mean there will absolutely not be a new iPhone with a bigger screen?  Possibly not, but it does sound as though Cook and team have their iPhone product line all mapped out.  Are you an iPhone carrying Apple fan?  If so, would you upgrade to a new iPhone that looked exactly like the current model, and had no increase in screen real estate?  Let us hear from you.

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