iPimples – Is Your iPhone Messing up Your Face?

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ipimples iphoneiPhone users love the touch screen technology on their phones, but most don’t realize how gross that actually is. Think about all of the things your hands touch throughout the day – door knobs, keyboards, toilet handles, etc. The germs on the tips of your fingers can easily be transferred to the screen of your iPhone, and you’ll rub all of them on your face the next time you make a call. If you’ve noticed a row of pimples forming right along your jaw line, this could be the cause of it. Here are some quick tips to keep your phone clean and sanitary.

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are mainly designed to keep your phone safe from scratches, but they can also work well as instant germ removers. After using the same protector for a long stretch of time, you can peel it off and put on a new one. You won’t be able to do this every day because they’re about $5 a piece, but you could do it every few months. Once you see that the protector is grimy beyond repair, it’s time to switch it out.

Hand Sanitizer

Before you use your phone, put on some hand sanitizer. This will get rid of surface germs and significantly minimize your chances of getting iPhone pimples. It may seem obvious, but clean hands now mean less need for an acne treatment later. I will actually put a little extra sanitizer on my hands and then rub down my phone before using it. This makes it extra clean. You may feel like a germaphobe for doing all of this, but your face is going to look much better as a result. Sometimes being a societal nutcase isn’t such a bad thing 😉

Cleaning Wipes

If you don’t want to use hand sanitizer all the time, wipe off the front of your phone with a baby wipe. I actually use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for this because they are readily available on my kitchen counter. If you want to put some Windex on a paper towel, you could use that to wipe everything down as well. Just do whatever it takes to get the visible grease off the phone.

If you can follow the tips above consistently, you should be able to avoid the dreaded blemishes that come from touch screen technology. To avoid spreading the problem even further, try to get rid of any acne you currently have. With a little effort on your end, your face will stay clean for good.

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